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After months without posting…….. problems arise

The site took a dive apparently.  Unfortunately I didn’t become aware of the shutoff until tonight (October 15, 2017).

I wanted to leave my site up as a memorial to the previous work I did, and wanted to have a place which I could trust to remain active if left untouched.

Apparently leaving something untouched online will not result with it remaining “untouched”.

After about 4 months without logging in, something happened to my SSL security certificate, which caused it to show as “expired”, which then led to a security warning being issued for the site — even though there is no security issue… smh.

Screenshot of the issue which people were seeing (including myself) is seen below:

Now the SSL certificate is fixed, and the site is back running as usual.

I may start posting here again.. now that I’m logged in and making a website update — why not?! 🙂

5/14/2017 — Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast — Ontario Canada Fracking operation struck

A very rare earthquake has occurred at a fracking operation located at the Ontario Canada / USA border near Detroit Michigan.

This location in Ontario just so happens to also be a location which had a giant methane burst come out of the ground two years ago (2015).

It would appear that the location in question is vulnerable to seismic pressure as the pressure is coming from the West Coast of the United States + Canada.

This is a screenshot of the fracking / oil / gas pumping operation which was struck.


Information on the fracking earthquake can be found here:

Magnitude ML 2.2
Date time 2017-05-14 01:50:56.3 UTC
Location 42.16 N ; 82.47 W
Depth 5 km



Here is the nightly earthquake update + forecast showing the Ontario fracking earthquake: