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5/14/2017 — Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast — Ontario Canada Fracking operation struck

A very rare earthquake has occurred at a fracking operation located at the Ontario Canada / USA border near Detroit Michigan.

This location in Ontario just so happens to also be a location which had a giant methane burst come out of the ground two years ago (2015).

It would appear that the location in question is vulnerable to seismic pressure as the pressure is coming from the West Coast of the United States + Canada.

This is a screenshot of the fracking / oil / gas pumping operation which was struck.


Information on the fracking earthquake can be found here:

Magnitude ML 2.2
Date time 2017-05-14 01:50:56.3 UTC
Location 42.16 N ; 82.47 W
Depth 5 km



Here is the nightly earthquake update + forecast showing the Ontario fracking earthquake:


5/13/2017 — Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast — Central America struck by noteworthy M6.4

May 12, 2017 – A noteworthy M6.2 (M6.4) earthquake strikes along the shores of Central America / El Salvador

El Salvador Central America has been struck by a noteworthy series of earthquakes over the past 24 hours (up to May 13, 2017) topping out at M6.2 – M6.4.

Over the past several days leading up to this new round of seismic activity, multiple earthquake warnings were issued for Central America, including the country of El Salvador.

El Salvador was specifically named in the May 8, 2017 earthquake forecast, and Central America near Honduras was named on the May 11, 2017 earthquake forecast – both are linked below.

First, here is the most recent earthquake forecast from tonight, May 12, 2017, broken into two parts due to upload length allowed on vidme.


5/12/2017 — Nightly Earthquake Update + Forecast — Central America M6.4 (part 1 of 2) (Part1)



Part 2: (Download here)  No reupload use allowed without expressed permission:


Here are the earthquake warnings issued for El Salvador, and Central America.

Both warnings were issued in the days leading up to El Salvador / Central America being struck.  Review each video for yourself, and make note of the areas warned on the 8th + 10th, and compare to the location now hit on the 12 (two to four days later).