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11/17/2017 — Large Earthquake in China — Global unrest spreading as expected — HAVE A PLAN

Over the past several days a rapid increase in seismic activity has spread out in multiple directions from the West Pacific.

See the full earthquake update video for the most current information regarding the new large earthquake in China:


November 18, 2017

In the span of the last 6 days seismic pressure has originated from a series of deep earthquakes in the West Pacific, and has spread out from the West Pacific towards the Middle East (as expected).

The result has been multiple large earthquakes above M6.0 on both sides of the Pacific, and a connection of noteworthy M5.0+ events across thousands of miles of plate boundaries.

Above: November 18, 2017 202am Central time (US) – Past 6 days of seismic activity M4.0+ from the West Pacific to Turkey. The connecting middle fulcrum point in China has been struck by a noteworthy M6.6 (M6.3) earthquake + swarm as of late Nov 17. This fills in the “middle silent zone” or the “fulcrum point” between both regions which were in flux to the West + East of the China event.

A direct earthquake forecast warning was issued for China at the border with India, and Myanmar on November 12th, warning for 7 days at the location.  Today the exact location in China was struck on day 5 of the warning watch time period.

In the warning issued for China, the “middle point” or the “fulcrum” was shown to be at the China side of the India Myanmar border region.  The warning which was issued was done in video , and in text, and called for people to watch for M5.5 , up to M6.5 as a top end to have a plan for — as we said — JUST IN CASE something larger hits.

It is clear that the past several days of seismic activity has spread across thousands of miles from the West Pacific extending towards Europe, and the Americas.

At times like this, when seismic activity is rapidly increasing over days (instead of weeks or months), it would be prudent to dust off your earthquake plans if you live “downstream” from one of these events.

Downstream implies there is a direction to the flow of the seismic pressure, which there is by the way.  If you’d like to know more about pressure transfer, you can begin your journey of discovery here:


Always remember to have an earthquake plan, and be ready.

Don’t be scared , be prepared.


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11/16/2017 — Earthquakes are spreading across the West Pacific + Planet — VISIBLE PROOF HERE

Over the past 48 hours, a “progression” of seismic pressure took place across thousands of miles of the West Pacific, heading from Fiji to Japan, and beyond.

See the most current video update here for a fully detailed recap of what occurred:


November 16, 2017

Half of the Pacific plate has moved on a M5.0+ level in less than 48 hours time.

Several M5.0+ earthquakes have occurred spreading from the location of the deep earthquakes near Fiji (seen raised high off the globe for identification purposes), heading across the whole of the West Pacific all the way to Japan / Korea.

Above: November 16, 2017 (111am central time) – most current screenshot of all M5.0 and greater earthquakes reported by the USGS + EMSC, showing a progression of M5.0+ earthquakes over 48 hours spanning from Fiji to Korea / Japan. Displacement of the entire West Pacific in a short period of time usually results in larger earthquake activity or compensation movement in areas which are currently “silent”.


There is a greater force at play which is causing these multiple seismic events in succession of one another.  Something is pushing over 3,000 miles of the West Pacific on a M5.0+ level over the course of 1-2 days time.

Needless to say the force in question is a powerful one.

The greater force which is involved is coming from BELOW the Pacific plate, from an area called the “Asthenosphere”.   If you are not aware of what the Asthenosphere is, follow this link to find out much more information.

Below is a graphic showing the Asthenospheres location in relation to the plate(s) above.  Keep in mind the “deep” earthquakes are occurring in this deeper region, which appears to be causing a “lever arm” action on the under side of the plates along the plate boundaries.


The “lever arm” is causing a spreading out of the “seismic pressure” coming up from deep within the mantle (from the core itself).

As the pressure rises from within it itersects the under side of the bottoms of the plates.    It is a fact that the plate boundaries / fractures extend from the surface all the way through the plates down to the upper Asthenosphere, therefore the first path of least resistance that the pressure finds are these fractures on the UNDER sides of the plates.

After years of observation , it would appear the pressure follows these cracks on the under side of the plates (the undersides of the plate boundaries) in a path of least resistance on its path upwards, and outwards from the deep earthquake locations.

Summed up, a force is placed on the under sides of the plate boundaries, which have fractures which act like avenues for pressure to follow on a way up.  As the pressure travels upwards, and away from the deep events, a leverage action occurs which increases the POWER of the resulting shallower larger earthquake by 1-2 magnitudes.

Thus (for example), a deep M4.5 event is capable of causing a shallow M5.5 to M6.5 in an area adjacent to the original deep earthquake.


The seismic pressure transfer which is currently occurring was forecast to occur four days prior in this weeks earthquake forecast.

See the earthquake forecast video for the West Pacific below which called for a progression of earthquakes to spread from Fiji to Japan, and named the magnitudes down to the point.