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4/12/2012 — Recap of April 11, 2012 — a day to remember — plus 2 day weather outlook

watch the update here:



In the above video: First a brief weather outlook for the next couple days — then a recap of the WILD day we saw yesterday .. April 11 into April 12, 2012 .

Something about those 11’s.. got to watch those dates ! (imo of course)

All in 24 hours :

Global large earthquake swarm:

1st post: 8.9M, 8.7M, 8.2M, 6.0M in sumatra…… 7.0M in mexico … 6.0M west coast oregon

2nd post: East coast USA and Utah 4.5M and 4.8M:

3rd post: 7.0M and 6.2M in South California / Baja

Four Feet of Hail in the panhandle of texas:

tornado in north california:

possible tornado in puerto rico:

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3/16/2012 — NASA to launch FIVE rockets from VIRGINIA on Sunday (ATREX)

watch the video here:


Here is the direct link: NASA launching 5 rockets from VIRGINIA (north east coast USA). (read the whole article at this link) excerpt below:

After a four-day delay, NASA is planning to fire off five rockets in just over five minutes late Sunday (March 18) for a mission that, if all goes well, will create glowing clouds to probe mysterious, fast-moving winds at the edge of space.

The five-rocket salvo, which is scheduled to launch Sunday night from NASA’s Wallops Flight Facility in Virginia, forms the core of the agency’s Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment, or (ATREX). The unmanned rockets will release chemical tracers at about 60 miles (97 kilometers) up, allowing scientists to track high-altitude winds that can top 300 mph (483 kph).

These tracers will generate luminous milky white clouds that should be visible to folks on the ground from parts of South Carolina up through southern New England, researchers have said.

hmm.. ATREX stands for Anomalous Transport Rocket Experiment …

Also I see another possible acronym… a T-rex … as in dinosaurs…

And that leads me to the 5 rocket launch from a very different location, with a real title incorporating the words “anomalous and transport and rocket”…

As in possibly TRANSPORTING an ANOMALOUS OBJECT with a ROCKET…. ie.. move an asteroid or space object.

Then the picture background doesn’t help the story on planetary impact an all..

Wait.. multiple launches from strange locations…with the recent NASA story of possible impacting object in 2013 …  This sounds like that asteroid impact movie!! where they launch the multiple space shuttles to shoot down an incoming asteroid.

I will post any launch links that become available on Sunday when this goes down.

Cheers, and MUCH LOVE during strange times!