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3/14/2012 — Midwest Volcanic Plumes — story making the rounds = next Mega-quake coming?!

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Here is the title of the article…. “Frightening Volcanic Venting Signals Coming Midwest Megaquake”


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Frightening Volcanic Venting Signals Coming Midwest Megaquake

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Terrence Aym

A U.S. Midwest Megaquake: many say ‘It can’t happen here.’ But it can, and it will. It’s happened many times in the past and the odds are increasing that it’s about to happen again soon—much sooner than most people think. The last New Madrid Megaquake caused the Mississippi River to run backward, destroyed whole towns and villages in seconds, and killed an unknown number of people. And that was when most of the Midwest was sparsely populated. The next Megaquake would affect up to 160 million people, severely damage or destroy most of the supporting infrastructure, topple one or more major cities, potentially kill tens of thousands, and make a million or more homeless within a matter of mere minutes.

Now, ominous evidence points to an imminent Megaquake: volcanic venting, spewing acrid plumes miles high into the atmosphere, has been observed and photographed. Worse, the many ancient Midwestern volcanoes are re-activating—and farther west the grandaddy of Utah’s volcanoes is waking from its long, restless slumber…

New Madrid Doomsday: Volcanic Venting Detected In Arkansas, Missouri

Scientists at the United States Geological Survey are probably biting their nails…and if they’re not, they better start.

The New Madrid fault is giving every indication of an approaching major slip and significant volcanic venting in three states is providing plenty of warning.

A plume is visible from venting volcanic activity [Arkansas]

A remarkable satellite video of the New Madrid fault region, posted by researcher Michael Janitch, captures multiple plumes from volcanic vents along the fault area. Much of the region is honeycombed with cracks and fractures. Much more of it has roiling magma under immense pressure deep underground.

Two plumes appear, smoke from top one drifts north

Anyone who’s visited the famous hot springs in Arkansas, or walked the terrain where diamonds can be found on the ground knows that the area is volcanically active.

While relatively dormant, the pressure is always there. As it builds it creates greater pressure on the subterranean strata. Some of that pressure is relieved by small temblors measuring anywhere from 2.5 to 4.0 in strength.

But the small quakes are not enough to offset the rising pressure and eventually the fault sheers and slips. How much it slips determines how big the earthquake is that accompanies the slippage.

And most geologists agree that the next significant shift will be great—so great that a Megaquake will occur that equals or surpasses the historic quake of 1811-12.

ALERT: Dormant volcanoes activating in Utah, Oklahoma, Missouri

Beyond the upsurge in magma and steam venting, disturbing evidence has emerged that indicates three long dormant volcanoes in the Midwest may be returning to life. And if volcanoes return to life—in what are now densely populated areas—their life could mean the death of many humans.

Janitch has identified the volcanoes and documented their stirrings. One of the most dangerous—and surprising—volcanoes is the one located in southeast Missouri.

According to Janitch: “…there resides a dormant volcano—not marked on any map…but you can see the county (I have done this already myself)…go look up that county on Google Earth…and look for the only stand alone mountain in the area…zoom in…and you will see it…clearly an unmarked or unknown dormant volcano…(for sure unnamed).“

Yes, there are volcanoes in Missouri, also in Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Magma pressure activating seismic zone of horror

The initial venting seen in the video (three separate regions) took place in Arkansas within the New Madrid seismic zone at previously dormant volcano sites at or near the Murfeesboro Crater of the Diamonds state park. The diamonds are located in the ancient calderas of a dormant volcano chain that’s now venting.

The entire region is becoming active. As can be seen in the video taken by satellite, even parts of central Oklahoma are venting. Oklahoma also has a chain of very ancient volcanoes thatgradually were eroded almost flat by wind and rain.

In southern Utah, as the venting continues, a 3.1 magnitude quake occurred exactly in the region where another dormant volcano chain exists.

The problem with “dormant” volcanoes is they don’t stay dormant forever.

The gigantic rivers of flowing magma are being pushed upwards at tremendous pressure from deep within the Earth. The river ebbs and flows winding its way three-dimensionally and crosses many Southern and Midwest states all the way out to Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona.

As the magama increases it places more and more pressure on the strata containing it. The magma cuts new channels and vastly increases the pressure on fault lines until they buckle and shift.

Turbulent sun activating Midwestern and Western seismic zones

Adding to the woes the Midwest may soon experience, is the now turbulent sun. It’s known that significantly increased and violent solar storms exacerbate the geomagnetic field. The permutations radiate all the way to the Earth’s core. That in turn increases the rate and intensity of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

So, three forces are simultaneously at work leading to the high probability of a catastrophic Midwest Megaquake: the fact that a major quake on the New Madrid faultline is overdue; the intense build-up of volcanic magma pressures adding to the existing stress upon the fault; and the peak solar activity which space experts forecast to be the worst and most violent since 1859.

Heartland Hellground

The hell that a Megaquake could bring to 12 or more states in the Midwest is fully revealed in this article: Alert: Devastating Megaquake May Destroy Midwest Soon.

The potential amount of death and destruction is beyond most peoples ability to imagine, let alone cope with. Emergency services would be strained beyond their breaking point and the state and federal governments would be impotent for weeks following the event.

Think of Hurricane Katrina—the devastation, the confusion, the slow response, and the clean-up (that is still continuing as of this writing)—and then multiply that by a factor of 100 or 1,000.

Food and drinkable water would be rationed, medical help scarce, and power out.

The Midwest Megaquake can easily be the most devastating and deadly natural disaster to ever occur in U.S. history. The economic cost can barely be imagined. It could run into the trillions. The cost in lives is unimaginable.

Yes, the New Madrid is restless and growing more so every day. The vents are venting, the pressure building, the pent up fury almost ready to explode…

The New Madrid fault is awakening. It’s not in a very good mood.


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3/11/2012 — One year since Japan Earthquake , Tsunami , and Nuclear Meltdown

Watch the video here:



It has been a full year since the tragedy in Japan — the super-massive 9.0 magnitude earthquake followed immediately by a very large tsunami which destroyed the east coast of Japan — including a fully stocked series of Nuclear reactors at the TEPCO Fukushima nuclear power plant.

Tens of thousands of people died in the immediate tsunami wave — hundreds of people killed around the Pacific ring as the waves traveled half way across the world — hitting shorelines as far as west Coast USA .. and East Coast Africa.

The nuclear fallout from the Fukushima meltdown and EXPLOSION is still ongoing — the global death toll from this still very active situation will never fully be known.

There were DOZENS of other large earthquakes globally which killed thousands more — Turkey, South America, Central America, and New Zealand.

Volcanic eruptions and flows at a very noticeable high — as seen at Sakurajima Japan, El Hierro Canary Islands, or Pu’u’ O’o in Hawaii — Alaska, Russia, central and south america, Italy, and the Continental United states also showing signs of volcanic activity !

BILLIONS of animals have died worldwide.. birds, fish, cattle, sea creatures such as dolphins and whales.. even down to jelly fish…. literally BILLIONS washing up in mass quantities worldwide.

THOUSANDS of people killed in severe weather (possibly 10’s of thousands injured).. just by severe weather in the USA, Australia, and Europe. 2011 and 2012 have proved to be HUGE storm years.. 2011 producing the worst tornado outbreak in recorded weather history.

Strange odors, sounds, and sink holes.. also several space anomalies, comets, and massive solar flares. Aurora in the south USA for instance… compasses shifting off due north…

I haven’t even scratched the surface of what happened this past year… those of you who have been aware most likely know what Im talking about .. but if you’re new to the subject of earth changes… here is a link to my past videos .. going back to 2010 (you can sort and filter to see from march 11 , 2011 until today .. march 11, 2012.

As always.. DON’T BE SCARED.. BE PREPARED ! Have the appropriate plans in place to survive threat scenarios in your localized area. You know your area better than I do, so have a shelter in place plan.. a local flee plan.. a regional flee plan, and a national flee plan.

Food, Water, transportation, communications, navigation, and self defense ! Have those basic needs met.

cheers and much love!