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9/16/2020 — Dept. of Defense Secretary Mark Esper CONFIRMS Directed Energy Weapons (DEW) in space

Above: September 9, 2020 powerful infrared beam detected on GOES satellite Near Infrared Particle (NIR) view of the West Coast beaming down into the fires for two consecutive days.


Huge News!

September 16, 2020

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper has confirmed China + Russia possess and are using directed energy weapons (DEW) in space .

Video here:×1080-6221k.mp4

DOD post here:

“Defense Secretary Dr. Mark T. Esper delivered remarks during the Air Force Association’s 2020 Virtual Air, Space and Cyber Conference at National Harbor, Md.”

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4/12/2012 — Recap of April 11, 2012 — a day to remember — plus 2 day weather outlook

watch the update here:



In the above video: First a brief weather outlook for the next couple days — then a recap of the WILD day we saw yesterday .. April 11 into April 12, 2012 .

Something about those 11’s.. got to watch those dates ! (imo of course)

All in 24 hours :

Global large earthquake swarm:

1st post: 8.9M, 8.7M, 8.2M, 6.0M in sumatra…… 7.0M in mexico … 6.0M west coast oregon

2nd post: East coast USA and Utah 4.5M and 4.8M:

3rd post: 7.0M and 6.2M in South California / Baja

Four Feet of Hail in the panhandle of texas:

tornado in north california:

possible tornado in puerto rico: