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4/13/2012 — Massive severe weather system = tornadoes / hail / winds in TX, OK, KS, MO, AR, ID, MT, CA

watch the video alert here:


screenshot at 415pm CDT 4/13/2012:

3/4 of the USA is under some form of severe weather now.

Every news channel has mentioned it by now… weather channel doing full coverage… which I am currently glued to…

The midwest USA, South, North, Northwest, Western, Southwestern, and West coast are under severe weather (some form of tornadoes, damaging winds, hail, or winter weather alert).
Outbreaks like these are the MAIN REASON we all need severe weather preparations, plans, and supplies.   Shelter, food, water, communications, transportation, and self defense.  These basic needs MUST be met after any disaster…. which means a plan for each needs to be made and ready long before any actual disaster happens.

Same for earthquake preparation.   SEVERAL of the preparations can overlap.. you can have your severe weather kits also with your earthquake preps… you need food, water, communications, transportation, and self defense for most any emergency.  Shelter is a thing you must plan ahead.. but each scenario is different .  For instance.. you don’t want an underground bomb shelter if a FLOOD is coming.

You want a sturdy shelter if damaging winds are coming.  Whether below ground, or above — it must be strong enough to withstand approx 200mph winds!

These storms are NOT to be taken lightly.


Use the links below to monitor severe weather in your area:


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4/12/2012 — Recap of April 11, 2012 — a day to remember — plus 2 day weather outlook

watch the update here:



In the above video: First a brief weather outlook for the next couple days — then a recap of the WILD day we saw yesterday .. April 11 into April 12, 2012 .

Something about those 11’s.. got to watch those dates ! (imo of course)

All in 24 hours :

Global large earthquake swarm:

1st post: 8.9M, 8.7M, 8.2M, 6.0M in sumatra…… 7.0M in mexico … 6.0M west coast oregon

2nd post: East coast USA and Utah 4.5M and 4.8M:

3rd post: 7.0M and 6.2M in South California / Baja

Four Feet of Hail in the panhandle of texas:

tornado in north california:

possible tornado in puerto rico: