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4/14/2012 — Circle Sweep , Sawtooth Sweep , Rectangle Wave , and Scalar Square outbreak = severe in 24-48 at shown towns

screenshot from 2001 .. a typical “HAARP ring” flashing into the high RF for a short amount of time: taken by douglas pooley (r.i.p.):


April 14, 2012 .. 1am CDT:

A number of ground based stations are emitting HF signals again.  Midwest, North, and South USA are the areas now effected.

I believe this is a form of geometric modulation performed via NEXRAD towers….. I believe it induces or accentuates unformed / currently forming storms.

Screenshots of each flash into the high RF — watch these areas for severe weather in 24-48 hours… these towns (notice the epicenter of each RADAR feature) .. keep track of THOSE towns for the most severe weather to hit within 24-48 hours from now.  1245am CDT 4/14/2012.

make note of each area epicenter:  South Ohio (Cincinnati), Central and Southwest Kentucky (Hopkinsville, KY) , Evansville Indiana, all the way north to the tip of Michigan (Frederic, MI) / Grand Rapids, MI……

Louisiana and Mississippi (Shreveport east to Jackson, MS.. further east to Greenwood Springs, MS) …

Tennessee and Virginia (Nashville.. east through Knoxville.. stopping at Christiansberg, VA)

Kansas (garden city, east to topeka, wichita) .. Missouri (Belton, MO east through St. Charles MO)

Texas (San Antonio northeast to Austin, further northeast to Shreveport, Louisiana)

Read more about the abstract concept of “shaped sine waves” .. also can read about VLF geometric modulation from HAARP in the same papers here:…658l8195l2l8961l7l6l1l0l0l0l144l740l1j5l7l0.frgbld.&pbx=1&bav=on.2,or.r_gc.r_pw.r_cp.r_qf.,cf.osb&fp=bb242dc4ab43ba95&biw=1920&bih=898

use these links to monitor the development of the coming storms over the next two days… see if these areas get hit like expected….

What is expected?  Usually we see damaging winds, hail, and tornadoes hit the ring / square / sawtooth / rectangle epicenters within 24-48 hours (possibly 72 depending on the amount of frequency injected into the area).   Usually the strongest parts of the coming storms hit these spots directly… we should see tornadoes form and move directly to the scalar square areas .   Damaging winds and hail (again with possible tornadoes) .. the strongest parts of these storms.. will hit the RING epicenters.

If you see the ring/square/sawtooth combination, you can most certainly expect within usually 2 days or less …. TORNADOES at (or very close to 50 miles or less) the epicenter of each signature.


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4/13/2012 — More Possible tornadoes = Oklahoma City & Tulsa — Be ALERT in TX, OK, MO, KS, IL

watch the alert here:


screenshot from intellicast @ 855pm CDT 4/13/2012:

Oklahoma City and Tulsa Oklahoma —- be alert .. multiple tornadoes detected, tornado warnings from the national weather service, also very large hail and damaging winds…. heading towards the metropolitan areas of OKC and Tulsa. Kansas is seeing the edge of each system.. so best to be prepared if you’re south of Topeka and anywhere east of Topeka.

Further northeast… In Missouri… be aware that strong winds, damaging hail, and possible tornadoes are already in the south/central parts of MO.. heading towards Saint Louis… the onwards northeast towards Chicago Illinois.

Have severe weather plans ready…. have loose outdoor items stowed away… cars protected if necessary.

Use the dozens of weather monitoring links I’ve put together so you can monitor this severe situation directly: