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9/17/2020 — 3 back to back gas explosions across north Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas

An explosion may have occurred in North Texas that has not made the news! This is on top of the other two confirmed large gas explosions which happened tonight in Oklahoma and Arkansas back to back.

Certainly a large heat signature of some sort in North Texas is being detected (just as big as the Oklahoma explosion but about 1 hour BEFORE).

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Starting just after sunset on September 16, 2020, you can see all three explosions in North Texas, Central Oklahoma (Piedmont), and at Fort Smith Arkansas (border of Arkansas and Oklahoma)….. all three flashes of heat can be seen on the NIR (infrared) goes feed or the shortwave feed…

See all 3 flashed live on the GOES satellite infrared NIR particle feed starting just after sunset Sept 16, 2020