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2/29/2012 — Oklahoma FRACKING — and Utah pumping / DORMANT Veyo Volcano Earthquakes

Watch the video update and overview of the areas here:




Here are the USGS coordinates for each earthquake:

Oklahoma Fracking site earthquake : 35.667°N, 97.102°W


Utah pumping station / Dormant volcano: 37.359°N, 113.842°W




California Mt. Shasta and Oregon Lava field nearby CA quake: 41.143°N, 123.793°W



My past videos on fracking , earthquakes, dormant volcanoes , and nuclear power plants.. and their connection to one another.. whey we are seeing an uptick in earthquakes at each type of location:


Dormant Volcanoes..

nuclear power plant earthquakes…

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2/27/2012 — Series of LARGE eruptions at Sakurajima Volcano – Japan



Things are for sure ramping up — the activity is currently on an increase, globally — which means we will see larger eruptions from already active volcanoes such as this one in south Japan… also other sites.. dormant and inactive volcanic areas — watch for earthquake activity.

This volcano has been on elevated alert since the middle of last year (2011) for the threat of a VERY large eruption with multiple km pyroclastic flows.

If these eruptions continue to increase in size.. we may see the ‘big one’ the professionals are predicting.

The global unrest is picking up in pace, please be aware, and have an earthquake preparedness plan in place — (just in case this activity spills over to more populated areas)

links to watch multiple volcano webcams, and links to monitor this uptick in activity are below:

monitor earthquakes on a global basis:

Link to DOZENS of Volcano webcams: