11/20/2017 — ANOTHER Large M7.0 earthquake + swarm strikes West Pacific — Unrest ongoing worldwide

November 20, 2017

Worldwide seismic unrest is currently taking place, and has built over the past few weeks into something noteworthy to pay attention to.

Yet another M7.0 earthquake, and large seismic swarm has struck the West Pacific.   This comes on top of the other M6.9, M6.4, and M6.8 activity at the very same location over the past 7 days.


See this weeks earthquake forecast video explaining the new areas to watch for movement.


As the above video explains, seismic pressure should spread out over the course of this week from the large earthquake location all the way West to Europe, and all the way East to the Americas.

Activity should increase by a full magnitude at each location, meaning current M4.0 locations will receive M5.0, and current M5.0 will receive M6.0, and up the chain.. current M7.0 locations will receive borderline M8.0.

If any new deep earthquakes occur this week, this will increase the probability of a larger event occurring.

Keep watch, and have an earthquake plan just in case.

11/19/2017 — Large M7.0 (M6.9) Earthquake hits West Pacific + M5.0 strikes North Italy as expected

The most current video update on the situation can be seen here:


November 19, 2017

Two sides of the planet are moving with larger earthquake activity as we were expecting.

Today a large M7.0 (M6.9) earthquake struck the West Pacific near New Caledonia / Solomon Sea, as well as a noteworthy M5.0 (M4.9) earthquake, and swarm which has now struck North Italy near Florence.

Above: November 19, 2017 – A large M7.0 (M6.9) earthquake strikes just East of the silent zone in New Caledonia.
Above: November 19, 2017 – Italy M4.9 + Swarm strikes near Florence Italy as expected.


These locations were the subject of discussion in last nights (Nov 18) Earthquake update video.

Both Italy, and the West Pacific near Solomon Islands were on watch this week based upon the warnings issued in the Earthquake forecast videos.  Florence was mentioned by name in the update(s).

See the most current earthquake update from last night (Nov 18) here:


Now that the West Pacific is again moving with near M7.0 earthquake activity, and since Italy is now swarming up to near M5.0, this is a good time for areas between the two locations to develop earthquake plans, and be on watch.

The new M7.0 in the West Pacific WILL be pushing to the West over the next several days, this means the West Pacific, Asia, and the Americas are going to be hit again this coming week with new noteworthy activity.

On top of the large activity being reported, additionally, a new deep earthquake has struck the West Pacific from below the plate.

Deep earthquakes are a warning sign that something larger may be coming within days.

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