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12/25/2017 — Merry Christmas + Much Love

Merry Christmas to my viewers + readers who celebrate the holiday!

Here’s a little free “gift” for anyone who wants to do an small project.

The 3D cutout globe — put together by dedicated viewer “Sue”  …. print and assemble yourselves 🙂  CHEERS!

Download the globe cutout graphics here:


or download here:

After months without posting…….. problems arise

The site took a dive apparently.  Unfortunately I didn’t become aware of the shutoff until tonight (October 15, 2017).

I wanted to leave my site up as a memorial to the previous work I did, and wanted to have a place which I could trust to remain active if left untouched.

Apparently leaving something untouched online will not result with it remaining “untouched”.

After about 4 months without logging in, something happened to my SSL security certificate, which caused it to show as “expired”, which then led to a security warning being issued for the site — even though there is no security issue… smh.

Screenshot of the issue which people were seeing (including myself) is seen below:

Now the SSL certificate is fixed, and the site is back running as usual.

I may start posting here again.. now that I’m logged in and making a website update — why not?! 🙂