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After months without posting…….. problems arise

The site took a dive apparently.  Unfortunately I didn’t become aware of the shutoff until tonight (October 15, 2017).

I wanted to leave my site up as a memorial to the previous work I did, and wanted to have a place which I could trust to remain active if left untouched.

Apparently leaving something untouched online will not result with it remaining “untouched”.

After about 4 months without logging in, something happened to my SSL security certificate, which caused it to show as “expired”, which then led to a security warning being issued for the site — even though there is no security issue… smh.

Screenshot of the issue which people were seeing (including myself) is seen below:

Now the SSL certificate is fixed, and the site is back running as usual.

I may start posting here again.. now that I’m logged in and making a website update — why not?! 🙂

Lost Photos FOUND! :) Radiation tests / Cross Country Roadtrip

Lost, but now found…..

The radiation test roadtrip was fully photo documented, and saved on SD card for safe keeping.

As we all know, small SD cards can be easy to lose – which is exactly what happened when we moved – but thanks to a search of my wife’s computer, now the high resolution photos have been located, and can be shared with all my viewers!



Credit to the Dutchess for all of these great photos from Missouri to the West coast (Washington) and back!

Watch all the radiation tests here:


Click (tap) on each pic to expand to full size: