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4/13/2012 — More Possible tornadoes = Oklahoma City & Tulsa — Be ALERT in TX, OK, MO, KS, IL

watch the alert here:


screenshot from intellicast @ 855pm CDT 4/13/2012:

Oklahoma City and Tulsa Oklahoma —- be alert .. multiple tornadoes detected, tornado warnings from the national weather service, also very large hail and damaging winds…. heading towards the metropolitan areas of OKC and Tulsa. Kansas is seeing the edge of each system.. so best to be prepared if you’re south of Topeka and anywhere east of Topeka.

Further northeast… In Missouri… be aware that strong winds, damaging hail, and possible tornadoes are already in the south/central parts of MO.. heading towards Saint Louis… the onwards northeast towards Chicago Illinois.

Have severe weather plans ready…. have loose outdoor items stowed away… cars protected if necessary.

Use the dozens of weather monitoring links I’ve put together so you can monitor this severe situation directly: