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9/15/2020 — Multiple Large Earthquakes – New deep M6.4 – Pacific Northwest PLATE SLIPPING NOW

Looks like we’re not quite done yet , after the previous deep M6.9 set things off last month.

It would appear things are about to take a another step up.

A new deep M6.4 earthquake has struck in the far Northwest pacific below Kamchatka Russia, indicating serious seismic unrest is still underway.

Video here:

After 4 days, I will now say it.. we are seeing a slow slip event in the Pacific Northwest USA.

Washington, Oregon, Idaho, California, and Vancouver Island needs to be put on watch, starting now, for the potential of a large earthquake developing in the Pacific Northwest during, or shortly after this new slow slip event.

Hope this one bucks the trend, and hope no large compensating earthquake takes place.

Compensation movement is expected North at Haida Gwaii, and South by the Gorda Escarpment. It is expected for the shifting currently taking place across the 3 state region of WA, OR, and CA to have an effect on the areas to the North and South of the shifting points… as well as the center point of the region to simultaneously move.

The combined total energy of a slow slip can transfer and release in one large event either during, or shortly after the slow slip of a plate takes place.

Hope for the best, plan for the worst…and as I always say… Don’t be scared, Be prepared!