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3/4/2012 — Steaming Plumes appear in Arkansas = DORMANT VOLCANOES BEING FRACKED !


It took me a minute to find it — but now you can see it for sure — a Fracking (frac well drilling) operation JUST WEST of the Plume area — so all together we have a giant natural gas frack operation — a series of dormant volcanoes, town names like Sulphur Springs, Hot Springs, and Crater of Diamonds/Murfreesboro — the plumes appear on VISIBLE SATELLITE from space.. only for a short time , at MULTIPLE SITES always near sunset… and gone by the AM (thus ruling out a large fire of some kind).

To me, IMO, it has all the pieces there to put together.. a geologic steaming event of some kind … the steam is coming from this dormant volcanic area BEING FRACKED (injected with water) !!!!!

Great idea to INJECT WATER into an area permeated with old deep volcanic tubes connected to very old magma chambers…….. I think it is highly possible that water injected from this nearby fracking operation could indeed cause a STEAM PLUME event to occur at the dormant volcano chain right next door !

Not a good development for the area. This increases the chances of a larger seismic event along the New Madrid Seismic Zone… and may indeed be the VERY CAUSE of our recent midwest earthquake uptick… now there is a DIRECT CONNECTION between fracking / dormant volcanoes / and plumes appearing .

todays plumes seen in the 3/3 video:

35 14 21.13 N , 93 28 53.62 W location of the most current plume appearing on visible satellite = west of Sulphur Springs AR.

34°46’11.98″N , 94°11’33.94″W location of the 2nd plume (central west Arkansas) near the state line .

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Original Video from 3/1/2012 showing multiple plumes, multiple areas at the same time erupting(appearing):

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