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11/30/2011 — ‘HAARP ring’ frequency outbreak Kansas / Oklahoma — watch for severe 24-48hrs

We see the spike into high RF occur multiple times from a few stations.. however the most intense return occurs out of south central Kansas.. near Wichita .. at the ICT wichita kansas NEXRAD .

Expect severe weather to hit the center of this ring effected area within 24-48 hours. This includes damaging winds, hail, possible tornadoes, and “possible” strong winter weather depending on temperature 1-2 days from now.

Time now is 700pm CST 11/30/2011 .. 24-48hrs from now.. after that point the warning expires.

here are several links to monitor for the next 2 days .. again.. watch KS and OK (even as far south as north texas / dallas).

links to monitor this ongoing severe weather outbreak: