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Midwest USA weather modification — St. Louis “scalar square” and midwestern “HAARP ring” outbreak




watch for severe weather.. damaging winds, hail, and tornadic activity in the following areas… for the next 24-48 hours from now… 1200 noon CDT 9/22/2011 ….

Saint Louis, Missouri west to Columbia Missouri..

Little Rock Arkansas, south east to central Mississippi

Memphis Tennessee, north east to Evansville Indiana

Paducah, Kentucky

Duluth, Minnesota

Davenport, Iowa

Also watch Tampa Florida north to Southern Georgia.

here are some systems to use .. so you can track the weather in your specific area:

links to observe the storm as it progresses:

links to RADAR and satellite:

several RADAR systems:…………

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Scalar Square over Seattle, “HAARP Rings” over Dallas, TX – Cincinnati, OH = watch for severe within 24-48

Watch these  locations for severe weather within 24-48 hours from now — 1240pm CDT 9/15/2011 —

here are links to monitor the RADAR in these specific areas:


Seattle Washington and near vicinity , Dallas Texas and near vicinity, and Cincinnati Ohio .

Seattle square — 1240pm CDT 9/15/2011


Cincinnati Ohio HAARP ring .. 1245pm CDT 9/15/2011 —


Dallas Texas HAARP ring .. 1245pm CDT 9/15/2011–