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11/03/2017 — Earthquake Warnings in effect — Japan hit WHILE ON LIVE STREAM — Forecast area hit

PLEASE PAY ATTENTION – multiple areas which were warned in the Earthquake forecast are now being hit.

The seismic pressure is spreading , and will hit the West coast of the United States in the next few days.

Be on watch for larger activity than normal with at least one M5.0+ possible off the NW Coast of California, could possibly be larger.

Full video here:


November 3, 2017

Japan, and the Northwest Pacific has been hit by new larger earthquake activity as expected.

In addition to Japan, the West coast of the United States is on earthquake watch for M5.0+ activity, and we may be looking at another large earthquake in the West Pacific (new caledonia) on the list in the next few days.

A noteworthy increase in earthquake activity developed along the coasts of Japan.  Multiple M4.0 to M5.0 (M5.9) earthquakes struck from the Coast of Honshu to the Coast of Hokkaido.

The new round of movement struck while we were doing the Japan portion of the broadcast on the live stream.

Keep in mind, Japan was warned a full day before this earthquake occurred.   The warning was done on live stream video for the whole world to possibly get the warning via a video .

Above: November 2-3, 2017 – The color coding on the earthquakes is by age.. red = 48 hours old … pink = 1 day old… white = todays earthquakes. Clearly pressure has transferred to the North over the past 2 days, moving from the deep earthquakes (seen raised high off the globe), out to the large shallow events which reached near M7.0 (M6.8), and then spreading to the North, spreading towards Japan, which brings us to today.


The seismic activity which struck Japan over the past 24 hours has transferred directly North – coming from Guam and Taiwan – and impacting off the Coast of Honshu, as well as Hokkaido.

One day ago, a day prior to this movement in Japan, there were two sets of earthquakes (Guam + Taiwan) to the South of Japan which put M5.0+ pressure to the North onto Hokkaido.

After Guam was hit, we issued this video also warning Japan:


In addition to the above video, the seismic pressure coming from the South was a topic of discussion in the Japan warning text alert which was also issued one day before this happened.

The pressure is spreading across the plate, now filling into the Northwest Pacific near Japan, Taiwan, Kuril Islands, and Kamchatka — will it head to the Aleutian islands next, or stay in Japan for a new round of larger activity?

Those questions cannot be easily answered in typed form, it must be explained visually.

Please, watch the update video to get a better idea of the current situation as it stands now on November 3, 2017.


Remember, don’t be scared, be prepared!

Have an earthquake plan, and know the basics recommended by professionals.

Knowledge is power.

10/31/2017 — Large M7.0 (M6.8) Earthquake strikes warned location + East Coast Virginia border EQ forecast hit

Watch the full video update covering this M7.0 (M6.8) earthquake, and the East coast Virginia earthquake:


October 31, 2017

A new earthquake forecast was issued for this week on Sunday October 29, 2017 .

In the earthquake forecast, a specific warning was issued to be on watch near New Caledonia for 1-2 magnitudes larger movement than the deep M4.9 which struck two days prior .

In the past 24 hours, we now see that indeed the expected larger M6.8 / M7.0 earthquake has struck near New Caledonia, additionally on the Eastern side of the “deep earthquake” location a new round of activity struck with a M5.8 / M6.0… just as expected.

Above: October 30, 2017 a deep earthquake sandwiched between two shallower larger earthquakes, M7.0 (M6.8) to the West , M6.0 (M5.8) to the East, and the deep earthquake raised higher off the globe in the middle.


The earthquake forecast called for this larger movement to happen on both sides of the deep earthquake, for new larger seismic pressure to spread  West + East, with the main bulk of the pressure headed Westward.

The reason these shallower larger earthquakes struck in New Caledonia ( and near Tonga ) is due to the fact that deep earthquakes usually cause shallower larger earthquakes within days.

The larger more shallow earthquakes usually strike adjacent areas to the deep event, or areas parallel on the opposite side of the plate from the deep earthquake.   These deep earthquakes are happening in an area below the plates called the “asthenosphere”, a place where semi-melted magma resides .

As deep earthquakes occur, they put pressure up on the underside of the plate, thus pushing the plate boundaries from below ( pushing the plate fractures UPWARDS from below as pressure comes up through the plate boundary)

Here is much more information on deep earthquakes, their causes, and effects:


As if these large earthquakes weren’t already enough to talk about for the day, we have another earthquake which struck that simply must be mentioned………

The near M3.0 earthquake which struck at the Virginia / Kentucky border must be discussed.

We issued an earthquake watch for near M3.0 earthquake activity to strike the Western portion of Virginia in our weekly earthquake forecast aired Sunday night at 10pm (Oct 29, 2017).

In the earthquake forecast video made a day BEFORE this earthquake struck, we jokingly said we were “targeting our earthquake weapon on Virginia” .

24 hours later, on October 30th, the near M3.0 (m2.7) struck at the Virginia border after weeks of silence.



See the video warning for Virginia here: (warned virginia starting at 56min 20sec)


Now that we are seeing new large M7.0 range activity in the Pacific, new earthquake swarms, and large earthquakes replacing the smaller events from earlier this week, it would be prudent to pay attention over the next few days to see if any further development takes place.

Don’t be scared, be prepared.  Have a plan, and be on watch this week.

Be sure to get up to speed on the locations we’re watching this week by watching this weeks earthquake forecast video here: