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1/14/2018 — Large M7.1 strikes Southern Peru South America — Location was warned 4 days before

Today a very large M7.1 struck South Peru.. the largest earthquake to strike the area in several years time.

4 days ago, on January 10th, we issued a warning for a large upper M6.0 to low M7.0 earthquake for South Peru.

The large earthquake which was expected in Peru has occurred.


See the warning issued on January 10th for Peru here at about 47 minutes into the video… (agian, keep in mind, Peru has now been hit today on the 14th as expected)


The warning for Peru was based upon on the large M7.6 which struck to the North on the Cayman Trench four days prior (Jan. 10, 2018) pushing to the South onto the South American continent.

The South American plate boundary with the Pacific came under compression, and has released with a similar sized M7.0+ earthquake within 4 days of being pushed.


Information on the new M7.1 earthquake in Peru comes from the USGS:

2018-01-14 09:18:45 UTC
15.776°S   74.744°W
36.3 km depth