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3/08/2016 — US Military confirms HAARP “ring” formed by Radio Waves hitting the Atmosphere / Ionosphere

The US Military has confirmed that a Plasma ring forms in a bullseye – RING shape when targeted high frequency radio waves cross each other while hitting the upper atmosphere.

Experiments were done using HAARP to produce plasma rings, and super heating in the atmosphere.

The attached diagram is from the DTIC military .mil government site.

haarp rings confirmed plasma
Above: Diagram from the US Military DTIC .mil website, showing the studies done on the Plasma Rings generated by HF (high frequency) pulses of radio waves, when two beams cross, a “ring” area forms which can be seen on RADAR, and which causes a super-heating of the area in the sky.

People said that the rings we were seeing appear across multiple systems were glitches, Birds and Bugs, Bats, and Background Clutter (just to name a few of the debunked excuses people tried to give over the years).

People came to my pages, professionals took to the media, forums were created against me, all saying it was impossible for radio waves to cause heating, or to create plasma rings.  Many people called me a conspiracy theorist for saying HAARP rings were being generated by pulses of Radio Frequency.

tallahassee fl to georgia haarp ring double vescia pisces1b
October 15, 2011 – The same pattern shown in the US Military HAARP ring plasma documents showed up across multiple (but not all) RADAR stations across the Southeast USA 2 days before a huge storm outbreak. Only a few stations producing the plasma out of dozens across the South and East coast. These rings were first said to be PHOTOSHOPS done by me, then the deniers backtracked, and said these were just mass flocks of Birds and Bugs all over the place for hundreds of miles in all directions. As it turns out, these were man made plasma rings due to over pumping the area with RADAR.


Now we come to find out they actually have used HAARP to make (and study) the superheated plasma rings which form when High power radio transmissions are crossed, and targeted at the upper atmosphere.


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We call the area where the beams cross a “SCALAR”.  The SCALAR being the area which is manipulated by the radio waves.

Bearden Scalar Radar


A few RADAR pulse / HAARP ring plasma heating examples as observed from multiple weather RADAR systems.

The RADAR is observing the reflective plasma rings that it is creating ITSELF!

saint louis kansas city haarp ring and scalar squares oct 22 2011 1140pm cdt
Above: October 22, 2011 – RADAR pulse HAARP ring appears over Saint Louis Missouri. The weather forecast for the region was to be “clear” over the week of the World Series 2011 here in St. Louis. Instead, 2 days after this RADAR pulse, storms with damaging winds hit the direct center of the Ring in Weldon Springs, MO (St. Louis).
Above: October 4, 2011 – Sioux Falls RADAR station pulse causes storm intensification directly over the transmitter. Plasma heating of a storm causing a real time storm effect. Heavier precipitation directly due to the pulses of energy creating CCN (cloud condensation) and wind rotation directly above the transmitter.
dover afb haarp ring final june 28 2013
Above: June 28, 2013 – Dover Air Force Base (Delaware) – Large RADAR pulse HAARP ring forms over the transmitter and military base. Hours later, a tornado formed directly over the military base transmitter. A tornado warning was issued ONLY for Dover Delaware hours after this pulse (see below).

dover delaware june 28 2013

dover tornado warning june 28 2013
Above: Two screenshots of the ONLY tornado warning to be issued over the area on the East coast. The only location to be hit by tornadic rotation is Dover Delaware – directly over the transmitter that sent out the pulse hours before.




So, I guess I was just a few years ahead of my time.

Trying to explain plasma physics to deniers who were saying it could not be done … people calling me names and making fun of me for researching the topic??!!

Nevermind the HUNDREDS of previous times this has happened.

Now we come to find out that the people who denied the possibility, really just don’t understand plasma physics very much.


Here are a few past videos I’ve made on the subject of weather modification, plasma generation, heating using RF :

This video below shows that the US Navy created a multiple KM wide plasma sphere (ring) in the Atmosphere, and sustained it for over an hour using low MHz High Frequency transmissions from HAARP.

Observations of the ring were done using Microwave RADAR to watch the ring / 3D sphere shaped plasma form.  Proof that RADAR is the way to observe the rings in question.


Our common NEXRAD weather RADAR pulses are done in the single MHz band as well.  As it turns out these pulses from NEXRAD RADAR actually match HAARP rings in appearance and in radio bands:  (NEXRAD actually pulses in the low MHz band, but normally operates in the GHz microwave band).


Microwave (and HF) transmissions can induce actual wind rotation above the transmitter:


High power transmissions (lasers and HPM) can induce CCN formation, Cloud Condensation Nuclei – water droplets which form into clouds, and precipitation.


Using Dual beams, one transmission can strip electrons, forming super heated plasma, while the other beam then “pumps up” and “sustains” the plasma .


Real life example of a RADAR pulse (HAARP ring from a RADAR station) done during a storm… plasma heating of Hurricane Irene.


Deniers at the time FIRST tried to say this was me photoshopping the feeds somehow.  Deniers then backtracked on the photoshop claim, and instead changed their denials to say this was a “glitch”.  After we provided multiple other instances reaching back through the year, the deniers then backtracked further and said it was a normal “switch” between clear air mode and precipitation mode on RADAR?

After we proved it was not a normal switch between RADAR modes, the deniers then tried to say we were seeing “Birds, Bugs, and Bats”. 🙂


Now we know, the ring shape is plasma forming in the upper atmosphere due to High Frequency (and microwave?) pulses of radio waves.

The plasma causes heating, and wind rotation, as well as CCN (cloud condensation nuclei water droplets) to form in addition to the electron cascade (precursor to lightning).

In other words, summed up, everything I found (and made public) about Radio Frequency induced plasma rings is proved correct, and everyone who said it was “impossible” is now proved wrong.


12/12/2015 — Large pulse of Radio Frequency detected coming from ALASKA — HAARP caught in action?

A large pulse of RF (radio frequency)  has been unintentionally detected coming out of Alaska by the MIMIC microwave background imagery satellite composite feed.



Screenshots: Thanks to Barbara M. for catching this!





.GIF’s below:




In the past, even though this feed is designed to show “total precipitation” amounts, it sometimes reveals RF which crosses the same bandwidth masquerading as actual “water”.

In reality, no actual cloud formations, or total precipitable water is being detected.

In past years we have seen large incoming pulses of energy following solar flares, and Earth facing CME’s (coronal mass ejections) show up on this feed due to the incoming pulses crossing over the same bandwidth , or better put …. it is a false moisture return caused by matching energy on the same wavelength.

large blast solar storm MIMIC microwave march 17 2015
March 17, 2015 – Incoming solar storm hits Earth from an event ejected from the Sun 2-3 days prior — taking 2-3 days for physical particle interaction to hit Earth.. when the actual interaction took place, the incoming blast partially showed on the Sun facing side of the Earth via this microwave image feed.


Here is another video example from 2014 when MIMIC picked up an incoming Earth facing X-class flare particle blast:


Since we know that MIMIC is capable of detecting similar bandwidth “pulses”, it logically follows that it also shows other matching bandwidth pulses around the world.  Whether the pulse is natural (from the Sun), or man made (from a high power facility) — it sometimes shows on this feed.

Man made facilities such as HAARP in Gakona Alaska are working across HF (high frequency) bands which can be used to generate plasma which gives off its own “microwave” signal.  In addition to the HF facilities, there are next generation RADAR system(s) being built currently in Alaska which reach from regular Microwave bands at 2GHz, far beyond in the higher bands of SHF (super high frequency) crossing the 30GHz spectrum.

A few years ago (2013), we saw another large microwave energy pulse on this very same Pacific ocean MIMIC feed.

That pulse of energy produced an instant rotation in the atmosphere, which ultimately gave birth to Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda) — the strongest Typhoon in recorded history.

At the time when I made my video, the Philippines national news ran my video during their morning news cycle — they had their director of NOAH (NOAA) respond , and try to debunk my “Microwave energy pulse” posts.

The main stream news response on the issue was a smear job, see the full news piece by them, and my full response here (it’s an epic 1 1/2 hours long — and the Doctor who attacked my video on morning news was ultimately left speechless when I corrected him on EVERY single point he raised , and then some):

Now we come to find out that the location which gave birth to the pulse of energy [ the pulse came from near Guam ] is the testbed facility for the new SPACE FENCE radio frequency array!

Construction begins on Space Fence radar system


“Ground was broken at the future six-acre (2.4-hectare) site of the new Space Fence radar system in a special ceremony last month on Kwajalein Atoll in the Marshall Islands. The ceremony marked the official start of construction of the system that will replace the Air Force Space Surveillance System (AFSSS) in tracking objects in orbit, including commercial and military satellites and debris from collisions.

Beating out Raytheon, Lockheed Martin was awarded a US$914,699,474 contract on June 2 of last year by the US Air Force to develop its Space Fence system design and deliver the first site, consisting of a radar and Space Fence operations center. In addition to the radar arrays and on-site operations center, the Kwajalein installation will also include an annex to the island’s current power plant to ensure continuous operation.

The new system will replace the AFSSS, which began operations in 1961 and ceased operations in September 2013. It used a VHF radar system capable of detecting objects down to about 75 cm (29.5 in) in size, while the higher wave frequency (or shorter wavelength) of the S-band ground-based radars to be used in the new Space Fence will allow it to detect much smaller objects.

“Previously, the Air Force could only track and identify items the size of a basketball,” said Dana Whalley, the Space Fence program manager, who is stationed at Hanscom AFB, Mass. “With the new system, we’ll be able to identify items down to the size of a softball. This will significantly increase our capability to provide predictive and actionable space situational awareness for the nation.”


Many false reports surfaced over the past 2 years saying that HAARP has closed down.  In fact, HAARP never went offline.

7/24/2015 — HAARP facility going back online — August 11th 2015 under new ownership to University of Alaska

We debunked those false shutdown claims, found the 2013, 2014 + 2015 experiment schedules, experiment results, military budgets, and corrected main stream news who repeated the false rumors that the facility was being closed down.

See the whole “HAARP shutdown” mess of a story via the links directly above, and make note of the downright lies which were spun about it being “TORN DOWN” (lol @ that notion since they’re still using it as of today in 2015).