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4/26/2016 — New large M4.0 Fracking earthquake strikes Oklahoma — Earthquake forecast hit

April 26, 2016

A new larger M4.0 earthquake has struck central Oklahoma at the fracking operations.

fracking earthquake april 26 2016 oklahoma


This M4.0 in Oklahoma was forecast to occur 5 days ago in the earthquake forecast video.   Additionally Oklahoma was warned second time via a warning issued yesterday (April 25th) for new large movement to strike.

See the earthquake forecast video calling for Oklahoma to be struck  here:


See the text warning put out again yesterday (4/25/2016) here:


This graphic below was put out with the warning yesterday.

Yesterday (April 25) there was a dramatic “silence” that built in this normally earthquake prone region.

earthquake oklahoma silence april 25 2016
Above: This graphic was put out a day BEFORE this new M4.0 earthquake struck Oklahoma. The area had become “silent”, with movement occurring on both sides of the craton to the East + West. This silence led me to make a post warning that silence is normally a sign of building pressure. Move forward 1 day, and the warned area was struck by sizable movement.

Just as expected, yesterdays silent area has now been struck by larger movement after the pressure built in the region to the point of release.

Quote the warning yesterday:

Enjoy the silence?

Silence is not good in an earthquake prone area, usually it is a sign of building pressure yet to be released.”


Worthy to note the pressure always finds a weak point to release as the pressure transfers Eastward along the edge of the craton, the weak points in the midwest are the man made drilling / pumping / oil + gas operations.



Once again, this is proof that earthquakes can be forecast, even though professionals say earthquakes are not related over a distance, even though they say there is no such thing as pressure transfer, even though they say the craton does not move along the interior edge… turns out they are (were) 100% incorrect in their assumptions.

Many of the “professionals” assumptions are not accurate / incorrect.  I’ve addressed some of their fallacious reasoning here:



Summed up, has been several weeks since M4.0 range earthquake activity has struck Oklahomas fracking operations.

The earthquake forecast video specifically called for new M4.0 range earthquakes to strike the location this week.

This M4.0 earthquake was forecast to occur. People had up to a 5 day warning to prepare.

Information on this earthquake comes from the USGS:

Magnitudeuncertainty 4.0 mb_lg± 0.0
Locationuncertainty 35.525°N 97.089°W± 1.2 km
Depthuncertainty 11.0 km± 3.3
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 128
Minimum Distance 4.7 km (0.04°)
Travel Time Residual 0.63 s
Azimuthal Gap 20°
FE Region OKLAHOMA (499)


6/24/2015 — Coast of Alaska hit by M6.2 Earthquake (5.8 revised) — Forecast to occur / Area hit as expected

A noteworthy magnitude 6.2 earthquake has struck along the shores of Alaska.

(originally recorded as M5.7-  upgraded to M6.2 – now downgraded to M5.8)

6.2m alaska earthquake june 24 2015

After a period of lesser earthquake activity spanning weeks (only measuring in the 3.0 – 4.0 range) now we see the expected larger seismic activity strike the area which was warned.

Yes, this area was WARNED for movement to occur almost 2 full days before the earthquake hit.

The coast of Alaska was warned for larger earthquake activity to return in the most recent earthquake forecast issued on June 22-23, 2015.

See the earthquake forecast calling for Alaska coast activity to resume here:


Information on this M6.2 (5.7 revised) earthquake from the USGS: