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12/18/2017 — Global Earthquake Forecast — MAJOR UNREST THIS WEEK — USA, Asia, Pacific + Europe


The new weekly earthquake forecast video has now been released.  Major seismic unrest is expected this week.  Please be ready, and have a plan.

Don’t be scared, be prepared.

See the full weekly seismic forecast video here:


Over the course of the next 7 days, leading into Christmas day, we are expecting an increase in seismic activity across the board.

At least two M7.0+ earthquakes may occur this week, as well as multiple M6.0+ earthquakes are expected to spread out across each region.

The West Pacific has two warned locations on watch for M7.0+ seismic unrest this week.  Papua New Guinea , and near Vanuatu / New Caledonia both watching for M7.0+ earthquakes to strike the middle fulcrum points forming in each region.

Above: December 18 2017 — All the West Pacific Warned areas are marked with yellow boxes, this week has several warned locations – each location should be hit by the expected magnitude by the end of the 7 day watch.

Areas warned for M5.9 to M6.9 range activity areas include Northwest California near Eureka , Northeastern Coast of Japan (central Japan), South Europe in Greece, Central Iran, and the Kermedec Islands near New Zealand.

Areas warned for M4.9 to M5.9 activity include Southern California near Santa Barbara, Central Italy near Norcia, Central New Zealand near Wellington, South Japan near Kyushu, Sumatra Indonesia, East Timor, Solomon Sea, Nepal, Colombia South America, Southern Mexico near the Guatemala border, and South Chile near Valpariso.

Above: December 18 2017 — All the Warned areas are marked with yellow boxes, this week has several warned locations – each location should be hit by the expected magnitude by the end of the 7 day watch.

Areas warned for M3.9 to M4.9 activity include Austria / Switzerland / North Italy, Eastern Romania, Poland, Scotland, Iceland, Central California near Mammoth Mountain, Western Oklahoma near the Kansas border, West Texas near Fort Stockton, and Northern Colorado across the Western Slope + Front Range.

Areas looking for smaller swarms  below M3.9 include Southern California near Anza Gap, Yellowstone Supervolcano in Northwest Wyoming, New Madrid Seismic Zone in Southern Missouri, and East coast near the New York / Quebec border.

Above: December 18 2017 — All the Warned areas are marked with yellow boxes, this week has several warned locations – each location should be hit by the expected magnitude by the end of the 7 day watch.


A new “deep earthquake event” is underway across the Pacific extending as far West as Afghanistan in the Middle East.   Past experience has taught us that deep earthquake events lead to shallow(er) larger earthquakes usually within 7-10 days of the deep event taking place below the plates.

Twelve months ago during December of 2016, at approximately the same time we are currently at — mid-December — a large deep earthquake event took place numbering over 25 different deep quakes.

Last years deep earthquake unrest in December led to three separate M8.0 (M7.9) earthquakes striking next to the deep quake locations.   Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands, and Chile were all struck 12 months ago by M8.0 earthquakes after several deep events pushed each region.

See last years update from December 25, 2016 (Christmas day) here:


12/05/2017 — Midwest USA – Oklahoma struck by M4.2 Earthquake — Area was warned 24 hours prior

Watch the most recent earthquake update video covering the United States earthquake in the midwest :


December 5, 2017

An earthquake has shaken up the Midwest USA.

This was expected to occur, and warnings were issued the day before.

After a long period of time without any M4.0 or greater activity, the Midwest United States has been struck by a noteworthy M4.2 earthquake directly next to a large oil, and gas pumping operation in Oklahoma.

Above: December 4, 2017 – A M4.2 earthquake strikes Central Oklahoma one day after a M4.2 pushes the craton edge from the Northwest in Vancouver.

A direct earthquake forecast warning was issued to be on watch for a M4.0 range earthquake to strike Central Western Oklahoma this week based upon the new push on the edge of the craton coming from the Northwest’s M4.2 near Vancouver Island.

The warning was issued in a video, and in text form to the public on Sunday December 4, 2017 at 10:00pm CDT.

Text of the earthquake warning for Oklahoma can be read here:

“The United States, North America , Central America, and South America are on watch in the silent zones off the West coast(s), and downstream along each plate craton edge.

North America is on watch downstream from the M4.2 which struck near Vancouver BC on December 3, 2017. Central California to Southern California on watch for M4.0 to M4.5 activity on the creeping section of the San Andreas.

The Midwest United States is on watch for similar sized activity compared to what will strike in Southern California — expect M4.0 or swarm activity equal to this amount to strike Western Central Oklahoma, in addition to smaller activity striking further South in Texas at the oil + gas pumping operations near Fort Stockton, and possibly as far East as Dallas.”


Information on the M4.2 which struck Oklahoma comes from the USGS:


2017-12-05 04:26:38 UTC
36.373°N   97.149°W
3.3 km depth

The reason an earthquake warning was issued specifically in the M4.0 range is based solely upon the seismic “pressure transfer theory”, which has been developed through years of observation.

As it has been observed, seismic pressure transfers from the West Coast of the United States through the Midwest, heading towards the East coast following the interior edge of the craton.

The seismic pressure exerted on the Westernmost edge of the plate displaces the interior portion of the craton within a few days time.

As the interior portion of the craton goes into motion, the greater seismic force is mostly MAINTAINED across the interior portion of the plate (not much loss of force / momentum), thus a M4.2 in Vancouver Island is capable of pushing nearly 2,000 miles into Oklahoma causing a similar sized earthquake also measuring M4.2.


Information on the M4.2 from Vancouver Island comes from the USGS:


2017-12-04 03:51:44 UTC
50.648°N   129.883°W
10.0 km depth


The perforations in the edge of the plate stand out as vulnerable hydraulically charged shafts filled with water, gas, and oil – which is not capable of compression.

When the oil , and gas wells across the Midwest (in this case Oklahoma) are placed under pressure from an outside source coming from the West , this induces earthquake activity below / surrounding the hydraulically charged chamber.

This creates what I have termed a “super fracture”, which itself can lead to additional noteworthy sized earthquakes.


Again it must be stated for all time to come, this earthquake was directly forecast to occur, the day before it happened.

The Oklahoma M4.2 proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the greater seismic pressure transfers across great distances without losing much power.  As the pressure travels across regions, it follows the plate boundaries, and craton edges.  When the pressure transfers across these weaker regions in the crust(s) , the force leaves behind its fingerprints… which we detect as ‘earthquakes’.

Direct link to the earthquake forecast issued here:


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