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3/21/2016 — EAST COAST struck by rare M2.9 after weeks of silence — Earthquake Forecast Hit

After multiple weeks of silence, the East coast of the United States has been struck by a M2.9 (M3.0) earthquake in New Hampshire.

This area was warned a full day ago for movement to strike.

new england earthquake march 21 2016

The East coast was SPECIFICALLY warned in the earthquake forecast for M3.0 earthquake activity to strike this week.

Now we see a M2.9 has struck the exact location which was warned.

The California / Nevada border region was also warned for M4.0 earthquake activity in yesterday’s forecast, last night the CA / NV border was hit by a M4.3 earthquake.

The M4.3 in California placed pressure to the EAST, causing overnight earthquakes at the fracking operations in Oklahoma / Kansas.  The pressure transferred further East, and ultimately caused a M3.0 (M2.9) on the East coast in New England.

24 hours craton movement march 21 2016 graphic


See the earthquake forecast calling for the East coast to be hit in this location by a M3.0 range earthquake.


A text warning was issued for the East coast as well.  Read the text warning for New England here:


“West coast of the United States.. South California, interior volcanoes at the Nevada / California border, edge of the craton fracking operations across Colorado, Texas, Kanas, and Oklahoma… be on watch for larger activity to strike in the M4.0 range.. could shake things up as far as the East coast of the USA with smaller events spanning all the way to New England / SE Quebec Canada / Maine.”


The West coast was hit last night (this morning) at the California Nevada border with a M4.3 earthquake.  Now the East coast is hit one day later.

The M5.2 which occurred 3 days ago off the shores of Vancouver is the ultimate culprit behind this new round of unrest striking along the edge of the craton.  The earthquake on the West coast causes this earthquake on the East coast 3 days later.


Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 2.9 mb_lg± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 43.263 °N 71.781 °W± 1.4 km
Depth/uncertainty 6.8 km± 7.5
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 40
Minimum Distance 25.27 km (0.23°)
Travel Time Residual 0.57 sec
Azimuthal Gap 103°


3/17/2016 — Rotten Egg smells showing up across South Los Angeles — Coming from “off the coast”

Southern California Alert:

Many viewers reporting over the past 30min that a strong smell of rotten eggs is showing up all across the Southern California coastline.


natural gas smell


Specifically heaviest smells showing up near Huntington Beach / Newport Beach + Costa Mesa California (just South of Los Angeles by a few miles).

The fire chief from Costa Mesa has now said the smell is coming from offshore – out to sea.

natural gas smells

Gas and Oil pumping operations are miles away on platforms, and natural gas has no actual smell to it… only after processing and sale of natural gas do they actually add in the “smell” for human use.

The acrid smell added to natural gas is called Mercaptan.

A review of the area shows the pumping rigs are several miles to the Northwest of the location reporting the sulfuric rotten egg / natural gas smells.

The nearest rig is named the “SWEPI Beta platform Ellen”.

swepi beta platform ellen natural gas smell march 17 2016


If there are smells of rotten eggs coming in from offshore, then the smell most likely is hydrogen sulfide (magma / tectonic related).

The natural gas + oil operations could have punctured an area in the crust, which then could be releasing the hydrogen sulfide.

Worthy to note that MULTIPLE earthquakes struck California today at oil + gas pumping operations… and the USGS ignored most of them without reporting they even occurred.

I had to make a post earlier calling out the USGS for not reporting the earthquakes. They got the message and responded by actually reporting three of the four events that I called them out on.