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Only 1 full bundle available.  17 strains in the bundle, plus extras surprises I will include!

This is every strain I have bred since beginning the breeding project during lockdown!

Each bundle contains custom originals by Dutchsinse:

10 x Limey Fett fem photo  (Bubba Fett photo x Keylime Crush auto)

10 x Black Key Bubba fem photo (Black Lime Bubba photo x Keylime Crush auto)

10 x Freaked Limes fem photo (Freakshow photo x Keylime Crush auto)

10 x Keylime Crush fem auto (Keylime Crush S1)

10 x Birthday Wish regular photo  (Dreamcatcher photo x Cake ‘n Chem photo)

10 x Trick or Treat regular photo (Ghosttown OG photo x Cake ‘n Chem photo)

10 x Methane13 auto regular m/f autoflower (methane x osage 13)

10 x Coal Mine Fire auto regular m/f autoflower (emerald fire OG x osage 13)

10 x Tricross 13 regular m/f autoflower(tricross x osage 13)

10 x Sour Grape 13 regular m/f autoflower (Sour Stomper x Double Grape x Osage 13)

5 x Purple Chem Cake photo regular m/f photo (Purple Chem x Cake ‘n Chem)

10 x Fett’s Birthday fem photo (Limey Fett x Oiled Limes)

10 x Bubba’s Birthday fem photo (Black Key Bubba x Limey Fett)

10 x Oiled B-day (Oiled Limes x Lime B-day Cake)

10 x Spiced Birthday Limes fem photo S1 (Lime B-day Cake spicy pheno x Lime B-day Cake spicy pheno)

10 x Lime Birthday Cake fem photo S1 (Lime B-day cake x Lime B-day cake)

10 x Purple Skunk fem autoflower (purple skunk auto x keylime crush auto)


The bundle will also come with a few surprise strains included from other breeders who Dutchsinse recommends, these will be selected at random from the genetics library on hand!

Only available for US residents who are 21+, for collectors purposes only, all applicable laws must be followed.  Will ship to all 50 US states, no territories, or international destinations.

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