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  1. Dutch, for the last month here in Boston, at night and sometimes during the day were getting a low vibration in the ground that lasts for hours sometimes it speeds up to the point it wakes you, lso a lot of people I know are getting hit with vertigo, any ideas??

    My stepmother called it “like an engine running under the house”.

    1. richie!!! Dude I’ve been watching your videos lately (I tuned out on youtube overall for a few years lol) .. but man you’re on it… I think you’re right on most of what you’re saying about this being the end game, with the vaccines etc. We shall see soon.. its Sept 11 today.. of all the days…

      Hope you stay safe… stay cool and keep leading like you’ve been doing. We need people who are strong but fair like you’ve been doing.

      I’ve been sticking to quakes and geophysics trying to keep my nose clean, and not get involved in youtube politics or drama etc.

      Hope we can chat at some point… meanwhile.. keep the videos and information coming as long as possible.

      Im not taking the vaccine, my wife won’t be doing that either.. neither will my marine buddies. So.. I’m on board with not complying. cheers man!

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