4/09/2018 — Multiple Earthquakes strike Midwest USA — Superfracture spreads at Fracking Operations

Major increase in seismic unrest across the Midwest USA……

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April 9, 2018

A second noteworthy M4.5+ earthquake has struck in Central Northern Oklahoma.

Above: 36 hours of earthquakes up to April 9, 2018 500pm showing the new Midwest M4.5 earthquake in Oklahoma.

This is the second large M4.5+ earthquake to strike Oklahoma in the past two days.  The first earthquake was a larger M4.6 event which struck on April 7th, and caused other nearby wells to be put under seismic stress.

Multiple drill points nearby the original M4.6 earthquake began to show activity directly after the regional shake up, resulting in a new series of similar sized earthquakes today (April 9).

Both sets of M4.5+ earthquakes struck directly next to a drill point / pumping operation (oil – gas fracking).

ABOVE: April 7, 2018 – A noteworthy M4.6 earthquake struck directly next to a fracking / oil pumping operation near Perry, Oklahoma.
ABOVE: April 9, 2018 – A second noteworthy M4.5 earthquake struck nearby Perry Oklahoma, miles away from the first location struck 2 days prior. This 2nd earthquake is a result of the ongoing “superfracture” of the pumping operation.


The new M4.5 earthquake  struck nearby where the original M4.6 occurred, and is considered to be part of what has been termed a “superfracture”.

Superfractures occur when stress builds upon a drill point in the crust which then induces a release of energy greater than M4.0 , in turn causing other nearby drill points to be put under stress .. ultimately causing other similar sized earthquakes at other nearby pumping operations.

Superfractures can spread out like dominos falling in a row, or like a crack in a sheet of glass spreading out via path of least resistance.

Quote some of the reports + studies on the subject:


“The more oil and gas companies pump their saltwater waste into the ground, and the faster they do it, the more they have triggered earthquakes in the central United States, a massive new study found.

An unprecedented recent jump in quakes in America’s heartland can be traced to the stepped up rate that drilling wastewater is injected deep below the surface, according to a study in Thursday’s journal Science that looked at 187,570 injection wells over four decades.

It’s not so much the average-sized injection wells, but the supercharged ones that are causing the ground to shake. Wells that pumped more than 12 million gallons of saltwater into the ground per month were far more likely to trigger quakes than those that put lesser amounts per month, the study from the University of Colorado found.”


Check this weeks global earthquake forecast here for an outlook of activity in each region worldwide:

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