4/15/2018 — Global Earthquake Forecast — Large seismic increase expected — HAVE A PLAN

The Global Earthquake forecast for the week of April 15-21, 2018 can be viewed here:


April 15, 2018

This past week, seismic activity took a step down in frequency and power across the Pacific.

We were expecting a drop off in seismic activity according to last weeks global earthquake forecast, and this expectation was fulfilled over the past 7 days.

As of today, April 15th, a new potential for seismic increase is developing in the West Pacific with the development of new deep earthquake activity North of New Zealand.

ABOVE: April 15, 2018 – Deep earthquakes seen raised high off the globe are increasing in frequency, therefore an expectation of an increase in power (magnitude) is due within days or less after the deep events begin building pressure on the under side of the plate(s).


Moving forward this week we are on watch for the new deep earthquakes to produce at last 1 magnitude larger events, and in some cases up to 2 magnitudes larger by the end of this week (April 21, 2018).

The increase should begin near the deep earthquake epicenters, and spread out across the Pacific, Asia, Middle East, and Europe while following the plate boundaries, and interior craton edges.

As the force spreads out across the plates, watch for North, Central, and South America to begin showing new activity.  The largest activity should be approximately 1 full magnitude larger.

West Coast USA, and Canada are now under watch for M5.0 earthquake activity, along with swarms expected near the volcanoes in Southern California East of San Diego.   Vancouver Island is the main point to watch in the Pacific Northwest.

The North American Craton edge should also become excited over the course of the next 7 days, as stated in the earthquake forecast video, watch along the drill points for the largest of the events to take place.

ABOVE: Craton graphic of North America showing the direction the seismic flow takes across the plate


Make sure to have an earthquake plan, just in case— don’t be scared — BE PREPARED.