4/10/2018 — Central Italy M4.7 Earthquake + swarm — Warned area has now been hit

Detailed video update on Italy here:


April 10, 2018

Central Italy has been struck by a strong M4.7 earthquake with accompanied swarming.

ABOVE: April 10, 2018 – M4.7 (M5.3) earthquake in Central Italy accompanied by swarm along the plate boundary.

Earthquake information from the USGS:


2018-04-10 03:11:31 UTC
43.093°N   13.046°E
5.0 km depth

The location struck in Italy is directly next to a plate boundary which was put under pressure from the Southeast over the past few days .

The seismic force coming out of Greece, and Turkey was placed to the West by Northwest along the interior plate boundary leading towards Torino Italy.

ABOVE: USGS plate boundary map shows the European, and African plate boundaries marked in Red. The earthquake a result of pressure coming from Greece, “pushing” Northwest into the fulcrum point between Western Greece + Torino Italy.

This newest earthquake epicenter is very close to the rupture point which occurred near Norcia Italy back in 2016, and is no doubt associated with the further tearing which has developed over time as the plate boundary is being displaced by force coming from the Southeast , pushing to the Northwest into Switzerland.


A direct warning was issued for Italy to be on watch for a new M4.0+ earthquake in this location due to a flow of pressure coming out of Greece, and Turkey.

See the warning issued for Italy on Sunday night (April 8, 2018) here:



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Worthy to note, April 6th was the anniversary of the great L`quila earthquake of 2009.