9/13/2013 — “Ghost Storm” in St. Louis, Missouri — RADAR induces CCN (cloud condensation nuclei)

The below screenshots show a strong cell thunderstorm on a CLEAR NIGHT in St. Louis, MO. Forming over the TDWR RADAR in Maryland Heights, MO.  September 12, 2013 near midnight central time.

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saint louis strong cell clear night sept 12 2013


In reality, here in my home town, no storms are present, the sky is clear with a light wind out of the northwest.  However, if you look at RADAR, you can see the excessive frequency pumping going on across the Midwest, East Coast, and South.  Shown by the dramatically illuminated background clutter surrounding each base station.

Considering the amount of radio frequency being emitted currently, its no wonder ionization is taking place (producing CCN .. cloud condensation nuclei) .. which is causing the computer to see a storm on a clear night.

In reality, we’re seeing the precursor to rain develop via excessive microwave emissions from our RADAR. Simply put, CCN induced by frequency.

Who needs cloud seeding when you’ve got resonance and microwaves!!

How does ionization occur in the atmosphere?  How is CCN created using frequency?

RADAR actually transmits ELECTRICITY wirelessly! (proved in this NASA JPL experiment):


Now that you know RADAR transmits electricity, look at what happens to the atmosphere when effected by transmitted DC electricity (CCN cloud condensation is made!):


Finally, now that you know RADAR transmits electricity, and you know that electricity produces CCN, you can connect the dots on how this article begins.  This “ghost storm” in St. Louis Missouri, happening directly over the TDWR RADAR for the airport at the location.

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