9/09/2014 — New Mobile Laser shoots through Fog / Clouds / Rain

In the past, I’ve put out several posts covering the next generation weapons now entering the battlefield.

Multiple directed energy weapons , in this particular case HPL (high power lasers) have been applied to truck mounted power sources, and are capable of SHOOTING DOWN INCOMING MORTARS!

This test here shows the capability of the HEL-MD (high energy laser mobile device):


2/21/2014 — US Army shoots down INCOMING… by dutchsinse

Today’s news, the HEL MD has now been field tested in multiple weather conditions. Fully capable of shooting down objects through multiple weather conditions. Fog, rain, clouds do not detract from this lasers heating capability.

Currently, it is unknown if snowy / icing conditions have been tested yet.

The laser now deployed is 10kw (kilowatts), up coming models will be in the 50-60kw range.

Full article from yahoo Automobile news:



“If you’re wary of an impending drone invasion and your usual headgear consists of a homemade tinfoil hat – worry no longer. Boeing has got you covered.

The aerospace giant recently conducted testing on its High Energy Laser Mobile Demonstrator (HEL MD) against aerial targets at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida. And we’re pleased to say it works, quite well.

Effectively, the HEL MD is a giant high-energy laser outfitted atop a 500-horsepower Oshkosh 8×8 tactical vehicle. In its most recent testing, Boeing focused its 10-kilowatt laser on more than 150 airborne bogeys, which included both mortars and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Inducing a high level of heat on contact, the laser system burns the target until it either blows up – in the case of the mortars – or crashes.



However, according to Wired, Boeing confirms its next step will be to install a more potent 50- or 60-kilowatt laser on the HEL MD in order to combat larger threats, which will vary but are bound to include rockets, missiles, artillery, and full-size drones. The HEL MD tracks and engages its targets through a state-of-the-art infrared targeting system.

The brute sources power from a 60kW diesel generator, which spools energy to a bank of lithium ion batteries, giving the HEL MD a feasibly endless supply of drone-zapping laser power … so long as the operators pack a few diesel jerrycans.

Considering its highly mobile base, the HEL MD should prove to be an incredibly valuable defensive weapon on the battlefields of tomorrow.”


The HEL MD is the US Army’s land based mobile laser device.  Currently being made by Boeing.

There are several HPL’s being developed, and deployed.  The overall program of Directed Energy Weapons falls at the feet of the DEWO (Directed Energy Warfare Office).

The Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines are all developing / implementing these new weapons.

Directed Energy Weapons will eventually make projectile weapons obsolete. Currently, in 2014, we are at a major turning point in history … as in the past, like the development of the first guns / cannons which made swords and armor obsolete.

Directed Energy Weapons, HPL’s, RF (radio frequency) weapons, HPM (high power microwaves), and plasma energy weapons are going to be the way of the future on the battlefield.


Current US Military Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO):

United States Directed Energy Warfare Office (DEWO):


Watch the US Navy tests of their version of a high power laser, called the LAWS (laser weapon system).

This system is similar to the HEL-MD, however it its stationary in a 360 degree rotating turret ( more aptly to be called a “laser cannon”).

These have been deployed on a few Navy ships already.

Click the pic to watch the test video:



The future of warfare includes more than just dealing with physical incoming threats from projectiles, drones, and aircraft.

Most of us , as online researchers, have come across the now ‘infamous’ Air Force 2025 documents.

Air Force “Owning the Weather in 2025 : Weather as a force multiplier” document



download the .pdf directly from my site here :

owning the weather 2025

The well known ‘Owning the weather by 2025’ documents from the military, which laid out future operational plans by the US Air Force, spelled out plans in the mid-1990’s forward to the year 2025.

The Air Force planned to ‘own’ directed energy weapons development, control the weather, and have it all functional before 2025.

Now, in late 2014, the USAF has set a new 30 year goal.


One of the top areas dominating the next 30 years of weapon systems is now disclosed. Directed Energy Weapons, high power microwaves, lasers, and other RF weapons (radio frequency / plasma).

The news release focuses on the current newly deployed LAWS laser system.

laws uss dewey


Quote the news release:

“The military has been using laser-guided missiles for years. Over the next three decades, the Air Force will attempt to integrate lasers themselves as a legitimate weapon.

In plain English, this means lasers.

The Navy has been working on the Laser Weapon System, or LAWS, per National Defense Magazine.

The system combines six lasers, which converge on one target. Last year, the system was installed on a battleship and tested on a flying drone. When its lasers converged, the drone burst into flames in mid-air, National Defense Magazine reports.

“In terms of power, the Marines want flaming balls of wreckage falling from the sky,” Lee Mastroianni, program manager for force protection in the Office of Naval Research’s expeditionary maneuver warfare and combating terrorism department, told National Defense Magazine. “That is our program goal.”

If you actually read the .pdf released by the Air Force, they don’t mention LAWS laser weapon at all, since the laser is currently deployed now, it’s not a new system to be explored.



quote the USAF:

“Directed Energy Exploiting directed energy technology will provide the opportunity to fundamentally alter operational concepts and support requirements.

As we seek flexibility in our weapons effects and the ability to operate in contested environments, directed energy weapons with deep magazines can alleviate the need for acquiring and transporting large stockpiles of munitions into the theater, while providing precise, responsive, and persistent effects.

In addition, classes of directed energy weapons can deliver temporary and reversible effects that offer more options to commanders in the field. “

The yahoo article talks about lasers being used by the USAF, then brings up LAWS……. actually, the LAWS laser is a US Navy program run out of the DEWO (directed energy warfare office), placed on ships, and vehicles.

screenshot of the DEWO website:


In addition to lasers, microwaves, weather control, and other Radio Frequency weapons , the US is now deploying electromagnetic projectile “rail guns”.

These electromagnetically charged weapons fire solid (non exploding) projectiles and incredibly fast speeds (greater than Mach 4) over long distances (100 miles).






railgun projectiles

onr rail gun