6/12/2015 — Earthquakes return near Las Vegas Nevada — Dormant butte volcanoes near epicenter


Just as we were expecting to see, a new round of earthquakes are striking along the West coast of the United States at multiple dormant volcanoes.

Specifically, new seismic activity has returned to Southeast Nevada, near Las Vegas, with a magnitude 3.4 earthquake close to Caliente, NV.

Just over three weeks ago, in late May 2015, a 5.4M earthquake (4.8M revised) struck this same location, which shook downtown Las Vegas, and made international news due to the location of the event.

dormant buttes las vegas nevada earthquake june 12 2015


This location in Nevada is not the only dormant volcano to show movement on the West coast over the past 2-3 days.

California, and Nevada have seen multiple dormant volcanoes show seismic activity over the past 48 hours.  Including a M3.4 in Goldfield, NV.

No doubt about it, this location in Western Nevada also has a volcano near the earthquake epicenter (same magnitude as well).  the Obsidian, dark basalt, and black/red/purple igneous rock are telltale signs of past lava flows directly at this location.

california dormant volcanic butte goldfield ca june 11 2015 earthquake

Additionally, a swarm of earthquakes has developed at The Geysers, California, and near Clear Lake Volcano, CA.

Both swarms of earthquakes at geothermal locations, literally drilled out volcanic buttes at these other epicenters.

The Geysers, CA:


Clear Lake Volcano, CA:


West Butte, CA: 39°13’34.43″N , 121°48’58.49″W



I covered the renewed West coast activity, including the dormant volcano movement , in the most recent Earthquake forecast issued 2 days ago, on June 10, 2015.

See the earthquake forecast here, calling for renewed dormant volcanic activity along the edge of the craton, and along the West coast of the United States.


Information on this current M3.4 earthquake in Nevada from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 3.4 ml± 0.3
Location/uncertainty 37.265°N 114.643°W± 3.9 km
Depth/uncertainty 4.3 km± 3.5
Origin Time
Number of Stations 9
Number of Phases 12
Minimum Distance 39.41 km (0.35°)
Travel Time Residual 0.1036 sec
Azimuthal Gap 106.14°
FE Region Nevada (41)