6/12/2015 — Earthquake progression across 6,700+ miles in 24 hours — PROVED

There has been debate amongst “professionals” in the fields of Geology, and Seismology as to whether or not earthquakes can cause other earthquakes (elsewhere across a vast distance).

USGS says on their website that earthquakes are “not likely” related over any distance. SMH!

Quote the USGS (they’re now proved wrong by the way):

“NOT LIKELY: Two major earthquakes occurred on the same day, so they must be related.

Often, people wonder if an earthquake in Alaska may have triggered an earthquake in California; or if an earthquake in Chile is related to an earthquake that occurred a week later in Mexico. Over long distances, the answer is no. Even the Earth’s rocky crust is not rigid enough to transfer stress efficiently over thousands of miles. There is evidence to suggest that earthquakes in one area can trigger seismic activity within a few hundred miles, including aftershocks clustered near the main shock. There is also evidence that some major earthquakes manage to trigger seismicity over much greater distances (thousands of miles), but these triggered quakes are small and very short lived.


Today, June 12 2015, that debate may be coming to an end, and we may begin to see new series of studies built upon today’s events.  I consider this a breakthrough discovery.

What event(s) am I speaking of?

A noteworthy, and rather obvious progression of magnitude 5.2 earthquakes occurred in the West Pacific, spanning over 6,700 miles (10,800km) in just a few hours time.

The earthquake progression began in Tonga with a M6.0 earthquake, which was then followed by three subsequent M5.2 earthquakes which struck a direct line from Tonga to Sumatra Indonesia (Indo-Australian Ridge).

5.2m earthquake june 12 2015

earthquake progression june 12 2015

In the above graphic from Google Earth, I plotted out the events using the USGS coordinates of each earthquake from today (June 12), and then quite literally connected the events in a STRAIGHT LINE from East to West .

Strangely, the earthquakes followed a direct point to point, as opposed to along the fault zones one might expect. 


Areas have moved on both sides of the forecast warned Soloman Sea location, and now directly upon the Indo-Australian ridge, which was another area warned in the forecast from June 10, 2015.

The Indo-Australian ridge was warned to begin showing movement near Sumatra in the most recent earthquake forecast video…. after a period of silence now it begins showing movement.

Overall, today we have seen an area 6700+ miles across move on a level of magnitude 5.2 or greater.  This means the area is in serious flux, and proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that one shallow earthquake is related to another earthquake elsewhere, as we have seen these events progress Westward from the 6.0M Tonga location this morning.

Literally one earthquake puts pressure on the adjacent area, which causes another earthquake, which again puts the next adjacent area under stress, which then causes ANOTHER earthquake. Like dominoes falling, or a ‘rube goldberg’ playing itself out.

In this case, earthquakes are related over 6700 miles apart!






I’m glad I get the chance to play a role in the breaking of this incorrect outdated USGS dogmatic ASSUMPTION.

Who better than to “shake up” the so-called seismic professionals than “dutchsinse”?! 🙂

USDS dutchsinse logo lol