6/03/2015 — Another 4.0M earthquake off the coast of Oregon near UNDERSEA VOLCANO

Just as we were expecting, after a series of dormant volcanoes showed activity in Arizona, Utah, and California —- now another noteworthy earthquake has occurred off the shores of Oregon.

oregon 4.0M earhtuquake june 3 2015

We should also make note on the location of these Oregon earthquakes.

The swarm of large earthquakes which is currently occurring off the shores of Oregon (West coast US) falls at the undersea “Cleft volcanic complex”.

The undersea Cleft Volcanic field is located at the South tip of the Juan De Fuca fault zone (South of the newly erupting Axial Seamount volcano by 100 miles… and 4 miles from the nearest undersea volcanic cone).

undersea volcano cleft segment june 2 2015
Above: Screenshot of the largest Oregon earthquake from the swarm (5.9 magnitude on June 1 2015) , which struck 4 miles from what is clearly an unnamed undersea volcano.


Currently there is an eruption occurring at the Axial Seamount Volcano.    The media announced that new lava flows were occurring off the shores of Oregon at this Axial seamount location (100 miles North of the current Earthquake swarm).

With this NEW swarm of earthquakes occurring about 100 miles South of the Axial Volcano, and the fact that the events are falling directly on the flanks of a large undersea volcanic cone, this means the Oregon movement should be considered volcanic related.

Add in the other dormant volcanoes showing earthquake activity in the past 48 hours across California, Arizona, and Utah, and we can begin to get a greater picture of what type of activity to expect going forward.

Each time we see pressure showing at the dormant volcanoes on the West coast, we see follow up activity to the NORTHWEST of the dormant volcanoes which show movement.   The more movement we see at the dormant volcanoes = the larger magnitude of the coming West coast earthquake.

When you see a flurry of 2.5M to 3.0M+ earthquakes at the dormant West coast volcanoes, expect at least a single 4.0M+ in the Northwest off the coast of North California, Oregon into Washington State (Gorda Escarpment to Juan De Fuca region).

If you see a flurry of larger 3.0M+ to low 4.0M+ earthquakes at dormant volcanoes on the West coast.. watch for an even larger 5.0M to 6.0M in the Northwest United states.

Unless something changes, I will be applying this “new rule” to the earthquake forecasts going forward.  There appears to usually be a 1-2 day window between the dormant volcanoes moving, and the larger event off the West coast happening.

A 1-2 day possible warning for West coast movement?!  Looks like it might be so! 🙂  Only time will tell, and several repeat events to document before I can say for certain.

I was watching for new movement to hit Oregon again due to the dormant volcanoes moving over the past 48 hours.

Oregon quieted off over the past 24 hours,  and now it was hit again after those dormant volcanoes moved.   Thus, this dormant volcano / West coast earthquake “connection” needs to be monitored to see if it’s just coincidence, or does it happen almost every time?


Information on the magnitude 4.0 off the coast of Oregon, from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 4.0 mb± 0.1
Location/uncertainty 44.512°N 129.830°W± 11.1 km
Depth/uncertainty 10.0 km± 2.0
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 43
Minimum Distance 479.67 km (4.31°)
Travel Time Residual 0.57 sec
Azimuthal Gap 203°
FE Region Off the coast of Oregon (30)