5/28/2015 — Major eruption in South Japan — Pyroclastic flows cause evacuations

A very large eruption has occurred (unexpectedly) from Kuchinoerabujima Volcano / Mount Shindake in South Japan.

See a full video of the blast here:


Screenshot below shows the eruption as it was occurring at 1004am Japan time (May 29, 2015):


Large clouds of ash, and pyroclastic flows eminated out from this newly erupting volcano, and has reached the residents of the Island, causing evacuations.

Clearly , this was a very large blast.



Webcam view of the eruption here:

Media view provided much higher definition:



Kuchinoerabujima / Shindake is an island volcano located due South of Kagoshima / Sakurajima.

Google map view of the area shows how far from mainland Japan this island volcano is located.


Seeing eruptive activity at this location is no shock, but certainly is a sign of greater unrest in the area.  We have seen multiple 4.0M+ to mid 5.0M+ earthquakes occur around this area for the past two weeks.


See the media report on this new Eruption from Earthspace101 here:



Worthy to note, Mount Hakone (45 miles from Downtown Tokyo in South Japan) is showing signs of eruption after being silent for over 800 years.

Multiple volcanoes showing activity in Central / South Japan are a sign of building pressure in the region.


Mount Hakone video can be seen here:


Main stream media report:


Japan volcano eruption triggers highest alert, evacuation advisory

“A sudden volcano eruption on the small southern Japanese island of Kuchinoerabu-jima has forced authorities to raise the alert to the highest level and advise evacuation of the immediate area.

Although there were no reports of injuries or damage, the authorities are considering evacuation of some 150 residents of the small island, NHK national television reports.

Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said the government was making its utmost efforts to gather information and secure the safety of residents, emphasizing there was no risk to human life, according to Reuters.

The remote island is located fairly far away from any heavily populated urban areas and is located about 160km to the south of the Sendai nuclear plant, on Japan’s southernmost main island of Kyushu. There were no reports of any irregularities at the plant following the volcanic activity.”