5/27/2012 — Severe weather overview = USA under watch + Circle sweep forecast


UPDATE 730pm CDT 5/30/2012:

Confirmation update 15:  San Antonio to Austin = tornadoes , damaging winds , and hail

screenshot at 730pm CDT 5/30/2012:


UPDATE 425am CDT 5/29/2012:

Confirmation update 14: Rector New York direct hit within a few miles = hail

screenshot at 424am CDT 5/29/2012:


UPDATE 415am CDT 5/29/2012:

Confirmation update 13: Fort Smith Arkansas direct hit within a few miles = hail

screenshot at 410am CDT 5/29/2012:


UPDATE 120am CDT 5/29/2012:

Confirmation update 12: Dorr Michigan — Damaging winds and Hail detected.. just passed through Dorr .. heading NE — NWS issued alerts to the NE now (120am CDT 5/29)

screenshot at 120am CDT 5/29/2012:


UPDATE 115am CDT 5/29/2012:

Confirmation update 11:  Springfield Missouri has damaging winds, hail detected, and the NWS issued alerts for Springfield directly

screenshot at 115am CDT 5/29/2012:


UPDATE 855pm CDT 5/28/2012:

Confirmation update 10: possible tornadoes, damaging winds, and hail, as well and NWS alerts issued for Chicago IL (skokie to arlington heights)

screenshot at 901pm CDT 5/28/2012:


UPDATE 845pm CDT 5/28/2012:

Confirmation update 9: Hail directly over Pleasant Green MO

screenshot at 845pm cdt 5/28/2012:


UPDATE 730pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 8: DIRECTLY OVER YUTAN Nebraska heading NE — Possible tornadoes, damaging winds and hail , also NWS warnings and watches issued

screenshot at 730pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE 625pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 7:  Severe Thunderstorms, hail, damaging winds, and possible tornadoes directly on top of Sioux Falls SD

screenshot at 625pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE: 620 CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 6 :  Saint Paul / Minneapolis Minnesota — multiple severe thunderstorm warnings, hail, and damaging winds

screenshot at 620pm CDT 5/27/2012:


Update 605pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 5 : THREE possible tornadoes detected heading towards Philadelphia and NYC

screenshot at 604pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE 555pm CDT 5/27/2012:

All areas expected are breaking out now with damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes

screenshot at 555pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE 550pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 4:  Confirmed tornadoes near Sioux Falls, South Dakota — HAARP ring effected area

screenshot at 550pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE 545pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 3:  Pennsylvania multiple tornadoes over haarp ring / circle sweep areas

screenshot at 545pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE 540pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 2: Red Cloud Nebraska = hail and damaging winds as well as NWS severe alerts

screenshot at 535pm CDT 5/27/2012:


UPDATE 530pm CDT 5/27/2012:

Confirmation update 1:  Whole Circle sweep /HAARP ring area now under severe alerts

screenshot at 520pm cdt 5/27/2012:


screenshot at 200am CDT 5/27/2012:




screenshots at 1215am cdt 5/27/2012:


frequency outbreak at 1145pm 5/26/2012 to 1215am 5/27/2012:


All weather links here — use to monitor severe as it is developing :


Multiple lines of storms are breaking out from south Texas, through Oklahoma, Kansas, northwest through Wyoming…

Also Northeast from Kansas through Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan…

Eastward through Ohio — and then on the southeast coast we also see tropical storm Beryl getting ready to come ashore along the coast of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida.

In the western states… Utah, Nevada, Montana, Idaho — we see snow / sleet detected … and low temperatures at about 32F / 0C …. out ahead of this storm.. in the midwest .. approx 85-90F/ 30-34C .

This is a huge temperature difference… and is already resulting in damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes.

Be aware of the current storms, and the rest of the coming system…

Also, be aware the frequency outbreak (circle sweep / HAARP rings) are appearing now (1145pm 5/26/2012 going into 12am of 5/27 )…

State and towns names to watch for the next 72 hours for damaging winds, hail, and possible tornadoes:

North Dakota = Mayville
South Dakota = Aberdeen , Rapid City, Sioux Falls
Minnesota = St. Paul / Minneapolis
Nebraska = Red Cloud, Yutan
Kansas = Goddard / Wichita
Missouri = Pleasant Hill , Springfield
Kentucky = Massac
Arkansas = Fort Smith
Mississippi = Aberdeen
Texas = Austin / San Antonio
Wisconsin = Watertown
Illinois = Skokie / Arlington Heights
Indiana = Kendallville
Michigan = Dorr
New York = Rector
South Carolina = Fairmont Mills (at the BMW assembly plant)