5/23/2015 — Mount Hakone in Japan — Hasn’t erupted in over 800 years — GROUND RISING + Steaming

After 2 weeks of being on alert, now it appears Mount Hakone may be taking another step toward actual eruption.

Most recent video showing activity here (May 23-24, 2015):


After 800 years of silence, since the Middle Ages 12th century A.D., over the past two weeks the long dormant volcano in Japan started “gushing steam” (per Japanese official reports), and is currently experiencing a noteworthy earthquake swarm.


Surrounding ground is reported to have swelled over 4 inches in just 1-2 weeks time (12 cm).  A large swelling below this long dormant volcano indicates possible near term eruption.

Main stream media (in Japan) has been covering this event, however only two actual flyovers have been shown.   Both flyovers reveal a series of large steam vents along the back side of the mountain, several of which are coming out of what are normally water wells.


The most recent webcam view (1100pm CDT May 23, 2015), shows large amounts of steam around the base of the volcano, clearly indicating larger stress below the area.


Above: May 24, 2015 – 1-2pm in Japan at the flank of Mount Hakone, along one of the closed hot springs resorts which surround the long dormant volcano (now coming to life).
Above: May 24, 2015 – 3pm Japan Time – heavy steam showing across the base of long Dormant Mount Hakone.
Above: May 24, 2015 – 7pm Japan time , still ongoing plumes of smoky steam coming from the flanks of Mount Hakone in Japan.


Japanese officials have issued warnings for this volcano, and have cut access to the hot springs / hiking trails around the popular tourist destination.

Worthy to note the location of this volcano, and its proximity to large population centers , such as downtown Tokyo.   This dormant (now active) volcano is just 45 miles Southwest of downtown Tokyo Japan.

Even more worthy to note the proximity to other nearby volcanoes, such as Mount Fuji, which would be very troubling to see show signs of eruption at this large well known volcano.

hakone volcano close up a