5/21/2013 — Saint Louis Missouri — RADAR pulse / Scalar Square confirmation — Possible Tornado, hail, damaging winds

1135pm CST – May 19, 2013 – going into early morning hours of May 20, 2013 — St. Louis, MO experienced a RADAR pulse / Scalar Square event… occurring just west of the city, the epicenter of the pulse coming from the Weldon Springs NEXRAD RADAR.

Seen multiple times in this video here:

Move forward approximately 24 hours, and a possible tornado, damaging winds / hail form at the pulsed areas epicenter, literally a tornado detected (again for the 2nd time this year) directly over Weldon Springs (the NEXRAD / research park).

saint louis scalar square confirmation may 20 2013


Here are several posts explaining the basics behind the theory of radio frequency modification of the weather, more specifically an explanation on how I believe RADAR is playing a role :








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