5/19/2015 — Ruptured pipeline on South California coast spills 21,000+ gallons of crude oil into the ocean

An environmental disaster is underway along the California coastline near Santa Barbara, CA.

A large oil spill has occurred from a ruptured pipeline along California’s Hwy 101, extending approximately 4 miles along the Refugio State Beach natural reserve.








THEY SAY the cause of the rupture is “undetermined”, however yesterdays 4.0 magnitude SURFACE earthquake (at 0.0km depth) in Central California along the coast, the swarm of earthquakes due East of Santa Barbara at the fracking operation in Los Angeles, and the flurry of earthquakes at the dormant volcanoes up the West coast all seem like possible culprits for this pipeline rupture.

Compare the location of the earthquakes at the fracking operation to the location of the Oil spill yesterday (into today May 19, 2015)…. clearly they are close enough to indeed be related.

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Ruptured pipeline spills 21,000 gallons of oil on California coast


“A pipeline ruptured along the scenic California coastline on Tuesday, spilling some 21,000 gallons (79,000 liters) of oil into the ocean and on beaches before it could be secured, a U.S. Coast Guard spokeswoman said.

The pipeline, which runs parallel to Highway 101 near Santa Barbara, left a slick extending about four miles (6.4 km) along Refugio State Beach, extending about 50 yards (46 meters) into the water, Petty Officer Andrea Anderson of the Coast Guard said.

Anderson said the company responsible for the 24-inch (61- cm) pipeline was identified as Plains All American Pipeline, which had brought in a company to begin cleaning up the spill. Refugio State Beach was closed.

The cause of the rupture had not been determined, Anderson said.

Richard Abrams, emergency manager for Santa Barbara County, said the Coast Guard, Department of Fish and Wildlife and Santa Barbara County were assisting on the clean-up.

“We haven’t seen any reports of impacts on wildlife but it is in the water so it is impacting the environment,” Abrams said.

Representatives for Plains All American were not immediately available for comments.”