5/08/2015 — ELEVEN large volcanic eruptions in 1 days time! South Japan at Sakurajima Volcano

May 8, 2015

11 separate large blasts occurred at Sakurajima Volcano on mainland South Japan in just one days time.

11 eruptions japan 1 day may 8 2015


I have assembled a phenomenal 30 minute montage video of the eruptions , some of which last fairly long.  These were compiled from throughout the day today (May 8, 2015).

7 large daytime eruptions, and 4 large eruptions after dark. Then the feed was CUT by the Japanese webcam host!

This is like 2011 all over again, multiple large eruptions at Sakurajima means pressure is building in the region. Sakurajima is like a pressure gauge on the Pacific plate, when we see Sakurajima show major activity, we can expect large earthquake activity to follow in nearby adjacent areas just to the North and just to the South of this location in Japan.

These 11 eruptions were recorded via video capture from the streaming webcams provided by the University of Tokyo, and the JSA.

You can watch (record) your own videos of this volcano using the webcams on http://www.volcanodiscovery.com


This new volcanic activity comes on the heels of multiple large earthquakes in the West Pacific, the announcement that a dormant volcano near Tokyo (silent for 800 years) is coming to life, and with a new Eruption in the Philippines.

All this happened after deep movement in the Asthenosphere below the West Pacific.

Studies (and tests in the field) have been done which prove Asthenosphere movement (deep below the plate) causes shallow movement upon the plate above.

When the deep movement occurs, it displaces a larger region above the epicenter, the magma chambers located between the Asthenosphere, and the crust are also displaced, which then produces earthquake + volcano activity.

See more on the deep asthenosphere findings here: