5/08/2015 — 4.0M earthquake strikes Texas Fracking Operation — Viewer asks “What comes next?” Answer is…

A rare magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck at a Venus, TX fracking operation located just South of Dallas Texas.

texas fracking earthquake may 7 2015 4.0


I posted a video report on this event just after it occurred:


This video led to a viewer asking an important question that I’ve been waiting for someone to ask…..

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fracking what comes next in texas


cut and paste here for those who can’t seen the screen capture:

UPGardenr 1 hour ago

Thanks for posting What the hell is next Pardon my french


 my reply:

+UPGardenrMore larger earthquakes now the the area has experienced what I call a “super-fracture“.
“The super fracture will cause casements in OTHER wells to fracture, along with wastewater disposal wells under pressure from the fractured casements as well as ground pressure coming from the NW due to the craton movement we’re seeing elsewhere. 

Now that this popped, expect a spreading out from this point to adjacent areas.

Just like in Oklahoma, began with small movement which was DENIED to be linked to the injection extraction process — those built into 3.0M events.. which then built to a 4.0M event.. which THEN built to a 5.0M+ event.. and then the whole area blew out with (now) TENS of thousands of earthquakes.

Once the area “super fractures” then the area really starts moving within a few months or less.

Only a state line drawn on a map between Texas and Oklahoma.  Geologically speaking we can now expect the other operations to move heavily, and then we’ll see the “reactivation” of the ancient faults below Texas. This should also lead to earthquakes further Southeast and Southwest of this Texas Location… meaning Louisiana and Arkansas are now back in the mix.. and New Mexico / Colorado will also see more noteworthy movement.

Texas is moving as a result of the craton pressure releasing at the weak points (fracking operations + oil wells) … also releasing at dormant volcanoes on the West coast.

The pressure on the craton is causing the breaking of the casements which contain the hydraulic fluids under pressure. The water in the wells escapes into surrounding rock, and is causing unintended large earthquakes. These unintended earthquakes then cause fracturing in the casements of the OTHER NEARBY wells, and this causes additional earthquakes, which then fracture ADDITIONAL casements on other operations. This begins the unintended “super fracture” process.

Once the “super fracture” process starts, like a breaking piece of glass, it cannot be contained once it gets beyond a small fracture.

This leads to a growing cycle of earthquakes , where one earthquake causes another earthquake in another location adjacent to it. For instance, we will see earthquakes bounce between the Southern Colorado fracking operations, and the Oklahoma Fracking operations 500 miles east! Or , we will see the Oklahoma operation experience a large event, which then causes another event in South Kansas at one of their fracking operations.

We have seen 5.0M activity in Oklahoma cause 5.0M activity in Southern Colorado.. We have seen 4.0M activity in Oklahoma cause other 4.0M activity in Oklahoma…all these aforementioned earthquakes which bounce around happen within HOURS or DAYS of each other.

Now that Texas experienced its “super fracture” in Venus, TX. Within the next few weeks we will be seeing new swarms of earthquakes develop nearby this area.  Texas will be on the earthquake map for a while to come thanks to this newest MAN MADE EARTHQUAKE.

If these operations were not here, there would not be a “weak point” for this Northwest craton pressure to release at. The pressure would have traveled through Texas bedrock and crust — moving further East towards Arkansas and Tennessee.

There would normally be a buildup of pressure along the New Madrid and Smoky Mountains — the mountains “growth” would normally occur. Instead, Texas and Oklahoma are now taking the release that would have built along the New Madrid, and the Eastern Craton mountain chains (which extend up to New England).

I suppose we should thank the people of Texas for taking the hit for us up here on the New Madrid.