4/28/2015 — Volcanoes in Nevada erupt STEAM PLUMES — Weather Service observing the event

A series of volcanic plumes have erupted from a dormant volcanic location in Western Nevada — Cold Springs to Middlegate Nevada.

Steam plumes from a volcanic field near Cold Springs, NV.

The plumes were large enough to be mistaken by the National Weather Service as “Strong Cell Storms”!

plumes highway clear day


The NWS was obviously very interested in this event , and apparently knew something seismic was going on AN HOUR BEFORE the plumes erupted.

Almost exactly 1 hour before the plumes erupted, the NWS sent out a powerful RADAR pulse directly over the location in question (Cold Springs to Middlegate, NV).

Link to Nevada RADAR here:




After the plumes erupted, and after the plumes were mistaken for STRONG CELL STORMS, the National Weather Service then sent out an even more powerful targeted pulse directly into these plumes.

Most likely done to “observe” what is going on there.

plumes highway clear day nws takes a look


The plumes appeared directly along the highway at an unnamed dormant volcanic butte located near Cold Springs Nevada.

We can know for certain that this is not a military bomb test run, as the plumes appear directly along the highway (No way they’re doing bomb runs along the highway people drive on) , and the plumes in areas that are NOT part of the nearby Navy owned land.

We can also know for certain that these are not storms of any kind, since visible satellite shows a clear day with no clouds.

nevada clear day no clouds



Apparently Nevada is now on the move geologically speaking.

See the most recent earthquake forecast here:


We saw this happen last week in California BEFORE the 5.5 magnitude struck off the West coast , and the 6.2M earthquake struck Vancouver BC (west coast).