4/28/2015 — Volcanic Blast at Mount Sinabung — New fissure sends out hot clouds of ash burning villages

UPDATE April 29, 2015 400am CDT :  (original report below the update)

Mount Sinabung Volcano erupted yesterday… NOW making main stream media news today.


Gunung Sinabung mengeluarkan material vulkanik, tampak dari Desa Brastepu, Karo, Sumut, Selasa (30/9). Gunung Sinabung kembali bererupsi disertai mengeluarkan awan panas sekitar pukul 17.20 WIB dengan tinggi kolom abu vulkanik sekitar 2.000 meter. ANTARA FOTO/Endro Lewa/IM/ed/ama/14
Sinabung re- erupting hot clouds accompanied issuing approximately at 17:20 pm with a high column of ash about 2,000 meters


“Mount Sinabung in Karo, North Sumatra, re-eruption of making people panic and immediately evacuate to shelters and churches. The panic lasted from 17:00 to 19:00, Tuesday (28/04/2015).

Karo regent, Terkelin Brahmin, said, refugees are mostly elderly people fled to the village of Perbaji and to jambur (typical meeting hall Karo) in Ujung Umbrella.

“There was some panic when the eruption occurred. Refugees, most parents (elderly) immediately evacuate to a place that has been provided Karo regency,” Obviously Terkelin.

According to him, refugees Sinabung also had to build small houses on the street to evacuate. However, current conditions, residents have not panicked and had gone back to its original location.

“People already do not panic, and citizens back to safety. No casualties there are only a few that fatigue due to panic,” he said.

Based on data from the Center for Volcanology and Geological Hazard Mitigation (PVMBG), bursts of hot clouds of Mount Sinabung occurred many times starting at 17:02 am until 18:20 pm.

“Hot clouds sliding distance as far as 3 to 4.5 km to the south and the high ash column 2 Km from the summit of Mount Sinabung,” said Head of Geological Agency, Ministry of Energy, Surono.”


Original post:


A viewer (Jordi M.) reported this to me , asking if I had heard anything about a new eruption at Mount Sinabung in Indonesia.

I hadn’t heard anything until they notified me.

After doing a search, this video came up, dated today April 28 2015, out of Indonesia with this description:


“Dahsyatnya Awan Panas Sinabung Membakar Sebuah Desa”


“Cloud enormity of Sinabung Heat Burn A Village”


Screenshots below from video of the event running in local Indonesian news (Dated April 28, 2015).

From the looks of it, it appears a new fissure is forming, possibly even the beginnings of a new volcanic cone.

sinabung eruption april 28 2015

sinabung eruption april 28 2015a1

sinabung eruption april 28 2015a


 Desa Gurukinayan yang telah kosong terbakar akibat awan panas Gunung Sinabung, Selasa (28/4/2015) sore. Meski demikian status Gunung Sinabung masih siaga.
Gurukinayan village that has been vacant burn from hot clouds of Mount Sinabung , Tuesday ( 04/28/2015 ) afternoon . However the status of Mount Sinabung is still idle .



Still idle at Sinabung?

After a huge blast of hot ash and gas?  Maybe “idle” is meant to mean no lava pouring out from the peak across the countryside?

For sure a media blackout on this news right now.  Wonder why they’d try to ignore a large eruption burning towns down.  Maybe because it is a new fissure opening far away from the Sinabung peak itself!