4/28/2015 — EXPERTS say : Nepal to receive ANOTHER large earthquake — 33 to 50 feet more movement coming?!

Experts now saying Nepal is primed for another large earthquake.  Saying that built up stress in the region still hasn’t been released.

nepal japan earthquakea

Saying that 33 to 50 feet of movement still needs to occur?!  And saying that 10-15 meters (30 feet) of movement occurred in Nepal during this recent 7.8M earthquake.

30 to 50 feet?

Where have I heard about 30 – 50 feet of movement occurring the past few days?  Oh , that’s right…..  just after the 7.8M earthquake in Nepal, the COAST OF JAPAN ROSE 33 – 50 feet off the shores of Hokkaido.



In my personal opinion, this cannot be a coincidence, the two events must be related somehow.  50 feet of rise in Japan, and now 50 feet of movement expected to the West of Japan near Nepal.

First reports from Japan was that this seafloor rise in North Japan was crustal movement most likely, and NOT a landslide.

Once the main stream media got a hold of the story, the story quickly changed to be a landslide caused the seabed rise.  Before the world media got a hold of the story, locals (and Japanese officials) were saying the exact opposite — saying the sea floor RISE had caused the landslide.

As of yesterday, Japanese officials were blaming this 30-50 foot rise on OCEAN WAVES causing a collapse!  Derp!  Obvious denial since there were NO waves that caused the event.


Now we find out ‘experts’ are saying that 30 – 50 feet of additional movement is expected along the faults to the WEST of Japan in Asia , and the sub-asian continent, as I said before , I don’t believe this is a coincidence.


Bigger Earthquake Coming on Nepal’s Terrifying Faults


“Earthquake experts say Saturday’s Nepal earthquake did not release all of the pent-up seismic pressure in the region near Kathmandu. According to GPS monitoring and geologic studies, some 33 to 50 feet (10 to 15 meters) of motion may need to be released, said Eric Kirby, a geologist at Oregon State University. The earth jumped by about 10 feet (3 m) during the devastating April 25 quake, the U.S. Geological Survey reported.”