4/27/2015 — Lava Lake in Hawaii at record levels — Locals come from miles around to see rare event

2nd Update April 29, 2015 350pm CDT (12 hours after the last update):

The lava lake in Kilauea crater has now COMPLETELY overflowed !

kilauea volcano crater lake overflow april 28 2015a1aa
Above: April 29, 2015 11am Hawaii time — The lava lake inside Kilauea’s crater has now completely overflowed its bank, and spread out across the greater caldera basin.


Above: April 29, 2015 inside the Kilauea volcano caldera the lava lake overflows. (Left) Before the lake rose to the edge of the caldera on April 25th (Right) After the lava spilled over the edge of the caldera on April 29th 2015


kilauea volcano crater lake overflow april 28 2015a1aaa
Above: April 29, 2015 — New USGS camera angle captures the moment the Kilauea Volcano lava lake overflows its banks inside the greater volcanic crater


before after kilauea spring 2015 lava lake overflow comparison

Clearly there has been a major rise in lava inside the caldera.  Sooner or later this lava will drain out , and will form new lava flows on the flanks of the volcano.


Video of the overflow on April 29th here:






1st Update April 29, 2015 350am CDT:

Lava has now officially spilled over the edge at the lava lake inside Kilauea’s caldera.

Above: April 29, 2015 244am CDT (2244 HST just before 11pm Hawaii time) lava officially spilled over the edge of the crater lake inside Kilauea’s caldera on the Big Island of Hawaii.


kilauea volcano crater lake overflow april 28 2015
Above: April 29, 2015 244am CDT (2244 HST just before 11pm Hawaii time) Long range view from a repositioned USGS crater camera shows the lava lake at its very top, spilling over the edge causing a flare up as the magma is perturbed


The USGS has moved the cameras at the caldera to capture this very rare event from multiple angles.

kilauea april 28 2015aa

kilauea april 28 2015a


Read on for the original post leading up to this event.




The lava lake at Kilauea volcano is about to reach its top for the first time since it formed in 2008.


halema uma u april 26 2015
Above: April 26 2015 339am CDT — The lava lake inside Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has filled to record levels, and is nearing the top of the caldera which contains the lake.



Update April 27 2015 2pm CDT:  The levels continue to rise almost to the very edge of the caldera.

latest kilauea
Above: Thermal view April 27 2015 154pm CDT (854am HST) — The lava lake inside Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has continued to rise, now spattering over the edge of the crater lake


latest kilaueav
Above:  IR camera view April 27 2015 154pm CDT (854am HST) — The lava lake inside Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii has continued to rise, now spattering over the edge of the crater lake




Approximately 1 month ago (March 24, 2015) I began to notice a rise in the levels of lava at the Kilauea / Halema Uma ‘u volcano caldera showing on the thermal cameras.


This rise in lava a month ago led me to make a video telling people to keep an eye on the situation.   No one else was making note or saying anything publicly at the time, and people came to my video telling me that it was “normal”.

The levels started to rise in earnest a few days after I posted my first video.  I then recorded another video on March 28, 2015, showing the rise picking up speed.


Move forward one month, about 2 days ago (April 24, 2015) the levels really began to climb , and become noticeably high.

This led me to make another video on the subject:


Move forward one day to April 25th, and we see that locals in Hawaii are now flocking to the National Park to view this rare lava lake filling event.  (thanks to earthspace103!)


Rising Kilauea lava lake puts on show for visitors


BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) –

“The lava lake is rising in Halema’uma’u Crater and it’s putting on quite the show for visitors who have been able to see spattering above the crater rim and the loud popping of rocks as the crater walls expand with heat.

USGS geologists with the Hawaiian Volcano Observatory say the Kilauea summit lava lake is at its highest level since it was formed in 2008. Experts say it began steadily rising Wednesday afternoon and measured at 90 feet below the rim of the Overlook crater Wednesday evening. But Thursday morning, the lava climbed a few more yards and was measuring only about 70 feet from the rim.

“There was a lot of spattering that visitors are able to see from the Jagger Museum observation deck and also a lot of rumbling sounds as the crater walls heat up and the rocks fall into that roiling lava lake below. After the sun sets and the darkness starts to come in, that dramatic glow from the lava lake casting it’s reflection on the clouds and on the plume of gas and ash coming out of there — it is just super dramatic and beautiful. Everybody is just super happy to see this. The action isn’t always like this so the people who are lucky enough to be here right now are really in for a treat this evening,” said Jessica Ferracane, Hawaii Volcanoes National Park spokesperson.

More than 50 people, many of them local residents, gathered at the Jagger Museum overlook Thursday night to catch the breathtaking show.

HVO scientists say it’s unclear whether the lake will continue to rise. They say it cycles through filling and falling.

In the meantime, Kilauea Volcano’s East Rift Zone lava flow continues to feed widespread breakouts northeast of Pu’u ‘O’o. The front of the breakout that is farthest downslope is about five miles from the vent and doesn’t pose any immediate threat to any area communities.”