4/17/2015 — Fracking well in Greeley Colorado EXPLODES — Officials blame lightning?!

On the same day that we see TWO very rare earthquakes strike a Colorado fracking operation, reports have come in from my viewers that a fracking operation in Greeley Colorado has exploded.

Thanks to Carl I. for sharing on facebook!


The “official” story reads like most of the stories having to do with fracking problems in Colorado — dismissive of the other possibilities for the explosion, and quick to bury the story.


“Greeley officials say a possible lightning strike sparked an oil tank fire Friday afternoon. The tank is located at 22620 Weld County Road 64.

Dale Lyman, a spokesman for the Greeley Fire Department, says firefighters were called to the site northeast of the airport shortly after 1 p.m. Friday. They are working with NGL Energy Partners, the company that owns the site, to determine the best strategy to put the fire out and protect other oil and gas tank batteries nearby.

Lyman tells The Greeley Tribune about four nearby homes have been evacuated, and firefighters had the blaze under control. No injuries were reported.”

Greeley Colorado is a location many of my viewers may remember.  Several months ago (in June 2014) ANOTHER series of rare earthquakes struck Colorado… directly at Greeley!

colorado fracking earthquake aprill 17 2015a
April 17, 2015 — Past 24 hours of earthquaks 2.5M+ in the Midwest United States. Western Colorado showing rare movement, and Colorado showing a new swarm with multiple back to back 3.9M + 3.1M earthquakes.

Worthy to make note of the FOUR back to back earthquakes which occurred in Oklahoma early this morning (April 17th) which occurred BEFORE the 2nd earthquake in Colorado, and the explosion in Greeley.

The pressure building upon the edge of the craton is obvious, as seen by the multiple earthquakes which have occurred along the edge of the plate over the past 7 days.

craton april 17 2015a


This reminds me of when the fracking operation BLEW UP in Western Colorado last year, killing 3 people.  It was blamed on a “lake” on top of a mountain…. in reality… earthquakes had occurred in Colorado and then the operation blew.

Just like today in April 2015… last year the official explanation for the event didn’t make sense.