4/14/2015 — California “professionals” DENY oil / fracking earthquakes BELOW huge operation

An earthquake swarm struck below a fracking / oil operation in downtown Los Angeles.

So called “professionals” in California say nevermind the large oil / gas operation directly above the Earthquake epicenter…… the area showing movement is BELOW the operation, thus it cannot be related?!!!

Say what?  This came from the mouth (fingertips) of a professional who advises politicians in California?!

california fracking earthquake april 12 2015

The denial of the relation between the earthquake swarm , and the pumping operation directly above it is block-headed to say the least:


lol fracking denial april 2015 dr. lucy jones

What kind of nonsense is this from Dr. Lucy Jones?!

Professionals in California DENY the earthquakes below the oil / fracking fields are related to fracking —- because the earthquake was deeper than they drilled in the operation ?!!

Guess they don’t know that the studies have already been done which prove that deep movement is caused by shallow fracturing, and the fracturing occurs MUCH deeper than the wells drilled.

The fracturing ABOVE the fault zones induces the faults to become active – in some cases activating faults which haven’t moved in MILLIONS of years.  The studies do not lie.  Released by the USGS this year (2015).  Maybe Dr. Lucy Jones doesn’t know the new information.


These are new findings from last year, so maybe these “professionals” need to do some reading before commenting and sounding foolish.

For instance, the Oklahoma fracking earthquakes occur about 9km to 4km down… the drilling is only to about 5,000 – 10,000 feet at the most… thus the earthquakes below the fracking operations are induced by the operation above due to hydraulic pressure placed on the faults BELOW the operation.

Example below of a 4.3M earthquake which struck the Oklahoma fracking operations this week on April 8 2015:

Magnitude / uncertainty 4.3 mb_lg± 0.0
Location / uncertainty 35.851°N 97.425°W± 4.8 km
Depth / uncertainty 5.0 km
Origin Time
Number of Stations
Number of Phases 113
Minimum Distance 6.57 km (0.06°)
Travel Time Residual 0.86 sec
Azimuthal Gap 24°
FE Region Oklahoma (499)

Just for the record, the fact that I’m here having to explain this in the face of professionals in denial out in California is downright sad.

Obviously they are going to go the way of Oklahoma on this, and ignore the warning signs.

As we saw in 2011, back when ‘professionals’ were actually trying to deny a link between the OKLAHOMA earthquakes + fracking  — they went ahead like everything was “normal”… and now look where they are… MORE EARTHQUAKES THAN CALIFORNIA happening at their fracking operations.

Now the “professionals” acknowlege Oklahoma, Arkansas, Ohio, and Colorado as human induced earthquake zones.  Areas moving BENEATH the operations due to reactivated faults which were reactivated due to hydraulic pressure placed upon them from above.

California is now 100% in denial about the earthquakes at their oil + gas operations….. I suppose California wants to win the title of “most earthquakes” back from the Midwest….. at least it seems that way.

Or…… maybe the people denying a fracking / oil connection are paid by the industry to say such things as she has said.

I find it odd that she would be denying the link in California, while her employer (USGS) is confirming fracking relation to the same depth earthquakes in Oklahoma.

Sooner or later Dr. Lucy will wise up, as will several other “professionals”, but they will only wise up when they are FORCED to swallow their marching orders, and tuck away their egos.

Until then, we have to wait for an undeniable swarm or large earthquake to strike one of these locations.

It will happen, sooner or later — I’m leaning towards sooner — thus Dr. Lucy will have to answer some questions LATER about how she denied the area was a threat, and why Los Angeles is damaged because of it.

It will happen in HER lifetime, and she looks a bit older than me.

Dr. Lucy… and the other deniers at the Texas Railroad Commission, your days of denial will end when you get the phone call to explain the larger earthquake at the location you said was not related!

Hate to say it, but I told you so.

fracking causes earthquakes