4/11/2013 — Saint Louis Missouri — Heavy Tornado damage — Scalar Square 72 hours prior

The night of April 6th, going for several hours until early AM April 7th, 2013 —- coming out of the Saint Louis NEXRAD RADAR station —- a Scalar Square appeared.

seen at about 5min into this video here:


Move forward 2 1/2 days , and VERY severe weather develops directly at the epicenter of the Scalar Square , producing confirmed damaging tornadoes, hail, damaging winds, and heavy strong cell downpours.

In an “ironic” twist of fate, the tornadoes ONLY came down around the RADAR’s.   Tornadoes at West St. Louis near Weldon Springs, MO…  and at North St. Louis .. two spots.. near the TDWR RADAR in Hazelwood, MO intensifying over the  RADAR in Maryland Heights, MO.

click to enlarge full size:

saint louis missouri scalar square confirmation april 11 2013

stl klsx nexrad radar


After the tornado developed over the West St. Louis NEXRAD RADAR area — it blew directly to the OTHER RADAR for the area.. the TDWR at Lambert International airport:

saint louis radar tornadoes april 11 2013

stl tdwr


Another famous St. Louis damaging tornado (caused by a RADAR pulse in 2011)was reported to FIRST touch down in Maryland Heights, MO, then hit the airport directly… guess what is there?  Airforce RADAR .


Its path draws comparisons to the April 22, 2011, “Good Friday storm” that included five powerful tornadoes that struck the neighborhoods from St. Charles County to Madison County.The strongest tornado that ripped through north St. Louis County in that storm touched down in Maryland Heights, cut across Interstate 270 into Bridgeton, plowed through St. Ann, hit a Berkeley neighborhood and caused major damage to Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and parts of Ferguson

maryland heights radar tornado

maryland heights radar tornadoa

This most recent storm (april 10, 2013) , saw MAJOR intensification over Maryland Heights / Overland, MO… produced the following near the Airforce RADAR location:


04/10/2013 0806 PM

Maryland Heights, St Louis County.

Hail e1.00 inch, reported by trained spotter.

Strong winds and large hail and Westport Plaza. Winds
of 20 mph or greater.


04/10/2013 0358 PM

Overland, St Louis County.

Wall cloud, reported by amateur radio.

Rotating wall cloud at dielman Industrial and Page.


Several other areas have been hit, keeping track of as many as I can here:


Explanation of what I believe to be occurring here:



Governor declares disaster in storm hit towns from Sullivan MO (just south of Weldon Springs) northeastward to Hazelwood, MO near the airport..