3/17/2015 — Major Solar Storm hitting Earth — Seen on the MIMIC microwave imagery

A major solar storm is hitting Earth.

Above: ENLIL solar wind projected path of the CME (coronal mass ejection) which occurred on March 15 2015. Took 2 days to arrive at Earth on March 16th going into 17th.



Above: (Top) Solar K-index shows a major radio blackout event occurring – CME induced solar storm. (Bottom) GOES magnetometer shows the magnetic distortions associated with an incoming blast of particles in a strong solar wind, seen in Red and Blue, measured in nano-teslas – a unit of energy.


The storm was generated by a large CME, and a series of M-class flares from March 15 , which originally followed a X2.2 flare on March 11 2015.

The particle blast always takes 2-3 days to arrive at Earth (physical travel time of the charged particles).

The X2.2, and this newest solar storm can BOTH be seen on the MIMIC microwave background imagery.  This is an unintended use of the total precipitation 32GHz morphed composite view of the Earths weather systems.

Above: Two large blasts can be seen hitting Earth. The first wave of energy was from the X2.2 class flare on March 11, 2015.. took 3 days to arrive to Earth. The 2nd blast is much larger, associated with a large CME which was also Earth directed. Took 2 days to arrive at Earth (faster speed of ejected particles – more force behind the filament break).


As it turns out, whenever there is a large Earth facing solar flare, or a large Earth facing CME (coronal mass ejection), this particular system actually shows the incoming blast as it reaches Earth.

This screenshot shows the newest incoming blast about half way through, today March 17 2015:

large blast solar storm MIMIC microwave march 17 2015
Above: An amazing view of the incoming solar storm on March 16, 2015 going into March 17 2015. Seen on the MIMIC 32GHz morphed microwave composite view of total precipitation , this blast is one of the most impressive distortions yet seen. The large blast is causing excitement in the 32GHz range, which temporarily shows as “precipitation” being generated over a few hours time. Not actual precipitation in the upper atmosphere, just the reflection and distortion the computer would associate with something physically being there


In the past, we’ve seen other strange anomalies appear on this system.

August 2011, at a time of heavy solar activity, we saw this event… August 10-11, 2011.

After this event seen below, a series of rare earthquakes occurred, including the Virginia East Coast 5.9M earthquake, the Colorado 5.3M earthquake, and multiple 6.0M+ events across the Pacific.