3/01/2016 — Large Carbon (CO) Monoxide Gas release along the West Coast — A seismic precursor seen in action

Hundreds of my viewers have contacted me regarding a large sudden (and strange ) Carbon Monoxide gas eruption across the West Coast of the United States.

I’ve got a full video processing up now which should be out in a few hours.  Until then, this text update will have to suffice 🙂

If you haven’t yet heard the news, on the night of February 25th, and throughout the day on February 26th, a large release of CO (Carbon Monoxide) gas was detected along with elevated levels of SO2 (sulfur dioxide) across a vast area of the West coast of the United States.

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carbon monoxide west coast california february 26 2016


As it turns out, the readings are indeed accurate (not an anomaly), we know this due to the fact that the gas has spread out over the past 5 days since the event occurred on February 25th into 26th.

Over the course of 5 days since the event occurred, the gas spread Eastward towards the midwest United States, following actual measured wind currents – proving a gas was indeed detected – proving the gas is moving with the prevailing surface winds.

Here is a screenshot of the gas 1 day after the release, fanning out across the areas to the East as the wind carried the gas towards the Rocky Mountains.

carbon monoxide west coast california february 27 2016


The next day, on February 28th, after the gas reached the Rocky Mountains, it then further spread out across the Midwest United States — again following prevailing wind currents.

The progression of the gas is obvious.

carbon monoxide west coast california february 28 2016


By day three, on February 29th, the gas has reached the low pressure system over the Northern United States, and is quickly mixed with heavy winds – dissipating the gas towards the East Coast of the US.

carbon monoxide west coast california february 29 2016


Each location, especially the clusters to the North in Canada can be traced back to Volcanoes AND pumping operations (Natural Gas + Oil).

The pocket of gas in Alberta Canada is VERY close to the Oil + Gas pumping operations which were struck recently (over the course of several months) by multiple noteworthy earthquakes.

fracking-earthquake canada



The pocket at the North US / Washington State / Vancouver Canada border region is a volcanic complex called the Garibaldi and Cayley Volcanic fields … this is the same location as the sudden “forest fires” last year which suddenly went out as quick as they started.

cayley canada volcanoes carbon monoxide gas february 2016

bc canada july 5 2015
Above: July 5, 2015 – massive “fires” erupt around Cayley volcanic complex, not put out by humans, gone within a few days without any rain.


To the South, the area is so vast across California, it is hard to make out an origin point.. however.. two giveaways make it a bit easier to determine an origin.

The pocket to the East of California at the Nevada border is centered around Mono Lake supervolcano / Long Valley Caldera.  Ironically, Long Valley volcanic field was struck by a more rare M4.0 earthquake on February 15th, just 10 days prior to the gas release.

M3.8 earthquake mammoth mountain volcano california Feb 15 2016


The pocket to the South of California is centered around Salton Sea Volcanic buttes.

As many past viewers (+ readers) may remember, Salton Sea Volcanic buttes were elevated to “active” status in 2012, and is the location where SO2 (sulfur dioxide) gas was detected over the past few years – causing serious “rotten egg” smells across the region.

Main Stream Media Confirms Possible Salton Sea… by dutchsinse


The location most densely hit by the Carbon Monoxide seems to be centered around Central California.

I’d like to point out to everyone… ONE DAY BEFORE this monoxide release, on February 24th.. a noteworthy M5.1 earthquake (M4.9 revised) struck CENTRAL CALIFORNIA at a large gas / oil pumping operation.

southern california m4.8 oil pumping earthquake february 23 2016

california fracking earthquake oil pumping february 23 2016


What could be producing this large of a carbon (CO) gas release?

The locations which are centered to the North (in canada) are a dead giveaway that this release is seismic in nature. Volcanoes and pumping operations seeing a release AFTER we see a series of earthquakes strike dormant volcanoes and pumping operations.

This cannot be overlooked or dismissed as “chance”.

Earthquakes striking a day or two before the gas release — the two events MUST be related.

It cannot be a false reading, as the past 5 days of data shows the gas spreading out across the West coast and then into the intermountain West / Midwest United States.

What could cause Carbon Monoxide, Carbon Dioxide, or Sulfur Dioxide gas?

Magma could and would be the ONLY possible culprit capable of producing this large of a gas release — the nail in the coffin on the “cause” falls upon the fact that these large releases of gas are centered around volcanoes and man made crust puncture points.

Upwelling pressure from below the Pacific Plate must be placing a large amount of pressure underneath the North American Craton.

The pressure has already displaced multiple dormant volcanoes over the past 1-2 weeks, most of the volcanoes being in California.

Seismic pressure and large plate movement is the ONLY explanation for this amount of gas to show up over such a vast area in such a short amount of time.

It is not a false reading, this I know for sure (again, since the gas fanned out over days since, even showing today March 1).

Thus, if it is NOT a false reading, then the only culprit we can blame is mother nature and massive tectonic pressure.

We know the pressure is there due to the fact that Yellowstone was just struck by a M4.0, Salton Sea is being struck all around the location, multiple pumping operations struck in California near Coalinga + Missouri Triangle, California — also, Utah was just struck by a M4.0 today (at a volcanic location as well).

The only locations being hit are locations with deep puncture points in the crust.. naturally at Volcanic locations, and unnaturally at man made drilling / pumping operations.

The pressure will always find the weakest spot in the crust to transfer through (on its way upwards and Southeast) .. as the pressure moves from the NW to the SE.. it displaces all the weakest points along the way.

If we add in this gas release event together with the earthquakes at the pumping operations + volcanoes… All signs are pointing towards “seismic” activity building in the region.   The gas on the West coast might be a precursor warning sign, but at this point we have very few past examples to compare this to.

Keep watch this week.. I extended the earthquake forecast for an additional 4-5 days (first time ever doing this) .. due to the warning signs showing up currently.

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Have an earthquake plan, just in case.